Edinburgh Napier University: ENroute Yearbook 2017 Edition - Page 13

ENroute Yearbook 2016-17 What are you most proud of? Personal reflections on the Senior Fellowship application process Lindsey Robb, School of Health & Social Care, Senior Fellow The above question, the opener in my ‘dialogue’ for my application for Senior Fellow, left me in no doubt that the focus for the next 45 minutes was to enable me to talk about and share my practice. The fact that colleagues listened with interest further facilitated this process. As a social worker by background, communicating with people comes naturally, so the choice to submit via dialogue rather than documentary was easy. Reflection is an integral aspect of quality teaching (Ashwin et al, 2015) and yet a significant amount of time is spent in academia looking forward, setting objectives, aligning these to strategies, meeting deadlines. Though initially unsure about exposing my practice to the scrutiny of peers, my decision to apply gave me a welcome opportunity to look back. The process of gathering rigorous evidence to match the professional standards framework also satisfied needs as a committed lifelong learner. As a Senior Fellow the focus is on the contribution I have made to influence others. This led to a critical review of what is meant by leadership, concluding that ‘ethical leadership’ fitted with long held beliefs about the importance of personal relationships (Gallagher & Tschudin, 2010). Be under no illusion, time and effort are required, however, sharing practice with supportive peers was both enriching and uplifting. Success comes in many forms, but personally feeling that the contribution that I have made is of interest and valued meant the time and effort put in was time well spent. And the answer to the question? Let’s share that over a cuppa! References Ashwin. P., Boud, D., Coate, K., Hallett, F., Keane, E., Krause, K., Leibowitz, B., Maclaren, I., McArthur, J., McCune, V. & Tooher, M. (2015). Reflective Teaching in Higher Education. London: Bloomsbury. Gallagher, A. & Tschudin. V. (2010). Educating for Ethical Leadership. Nurse Education Today. 30, pp224-227. doi:10.1016/j.nedt.2009.11.003 12