Edinburgh Napier University: ENroute Yearbook 2017 Edition | Page 18

ENroute Yearbook 2016-17 A Final Word from the University ENroute Lead There is a question that might be asked – why engage in the process of seeking recognition as a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy? We know that there are many priorities, some of them competing. Do we have time for it? Well, there is clear evidence in literature - and anecdotally - that being recognised as a Fellow is valued by the individual. This is not surprising because it means that their practice aligns with an international benchmark. We also know, again both from literature and from what we are told, that the process of gaining Fellowship is of itself valuable because it creates the space for reflection and enables the individual to see just how much they have achieved. The ENroute team at Edinburgh Napier believes Dr Fiona Smart, that both the process and the outcome of seeking ENroute University Lead, recognition as a Fellow does much more than this, Senior Teaching Fellow in that it directly supports the aspiration to be a connected university within which we share our practice in the interests of our students. This is, of course, one of the reasons why we have our annual Yearbook. It is also why we continue to work to ensure that the ENroute team extends through the university, engaging academics, professional services staff and, most recently, PhD students who teach in its membership. I take this opportunity to thank all of the mentors and reviewers for their sterling work this last academic year. ENroute is enriched by the diversity of the team which supports it. It is also right that I thank Kathryn James for her absolute commitment to ENroute. She not only led the mentor team, but was key to building the ENroute philosophical base. We wish her well in her new role at Lancaster University. So, back to where I started. ENroute enables us to be a connected university, but this doesn’t happen by magic. It happens because we want it to be thus, and commit to playing our part in the process of drawing people into wanting to become Fellows, and in maintaining their good standing once they have been recognised. For note, good standing is one area in which we will be focusing our attention this academic year. As for the Yearbook itself, I hope you enjoy gaining insight into the practices of individuals who have shared their case studies and take the time to read the listing of mentors, reviewers and of course the Fellows who were successful in their quest to be recognised in 2016/7. I am deeply proud to lead ENroute for Edinburgh Napier University. Dr Fiona Smart University Lead for ENroute, Senior Teaching Fellow 17