Edinburgh Napier University: ENroute Yearbook 2016 Edition | Page 2

ENroute Yearbook 2015-16 Welcome to ENroute’s First Yearbook One of the key elements within Strategy 2020 is the desire and ambition to be academically led and academically excellent. As part of that commitment and ambition, the University is accredited to award fellowship of the Higher Education Academy at various levels. Through a supported and facilitated process, staff are provided with the opportunity to identify their achievements, good practice, and innovative approaches to learning and teaching that they have developed as practitioners. This yearbook provides an opportunity to disseminate across our community some of the Professor Brian Webster-Henderson, exciting, innovative, and excellent practice that University Dean of Learning and Teaching is currently ongoing here at Edinburgh Napier University. It is my ambition that in sharing this practice you will be stimulated to enquire further about these approaches that are perhaps new to you, that you will look at the literature in relation to enquiring more about the evidence base that underpins this practice, and that you will be encouraged to make contact with members of the academic community to hear their experiences first-hand. As academics, we are aware that the concept of dissemination is particularly important in relation to research and development activities. Yet to bring about effective change, a much more strategic approach is required. Gannaway et al (2013) identify three key elements: • • • the awareness of the climate of readiness for change; engaging the target audience; and transferring the commitment to change to the target audience. As a community of scholars, our desire to see transformational change as a University has been expressed and I hope that the information presented to you in this year book will motivate and engage you, encourage and stimulate your own readiness for change through a process of reflection, and enable you to transfer new ideas to your own teaching practice. Professor Brian Webster-Henderson University Dean of Learning & Teaching Gannaway, D., Hinton, T., Berry, B. & Moore, K. (2013) “Cultivating change: disseminating innovation in higher education teaching & learning”. Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 50 (4), pp 410–21. 1