eCREATIVE In 2014 and 2015, David Simon wrote and directed Dante and Beatrice: A Family Film, “a twenty-minute mockumentary about one hot young couple, two contentious families, and one domestic war.” Starring Stacey Nelkin, Tracy Brooks Swope, and Bridget Avildsen, the film’s marketing tagline is “It Was Love At First Fight.” Cast by word of mouth, Nelson, Swope and Avildsen flew to New York City from Los Angeles to work on the film. Brooklyn’s Irondale Ensemble Project Executive Director Terry Greiss and his wife actress Vicky Gilmore, friends from Simon’s high school days, were happy to join the project.” “There's something about those early years together; those formative high school, hormonal, geeky years that can create bonds that last,” said Greiss. “Coming together again to help David realize a labor of love, was like entering a time capsule that didn't really go back in time. It just brought the people of another time in our lives together to play.” “The secret to Hollywood success is not to win, it’s to play. You have to be ‘Gumby’ and a Viking at the same time. It’s ugly and unfair and a lot of people will try to destroy you.” “It could have been a fiasco of epic proportions,” Simon said. “But I can’t explain it. The dimension the actors and everyone involved brought to the fi