eCREATIVE Simon. “Anyone can be a filmmaker with today’s mobile devices today so you have to be that much better to stand out. I’ll take that challenge.” Simon is critical of commercial networks for “dumbing down” half-hour comedy shows today with the same production format and easy, often offensive dialogue. “Why do sitcoms today have to be so broad and silly? Why do we have to have a Black show, two Asian shows, an Irish show? There is no sitcom we watch today like people watched All in the Family in the 1970’s.” Today the hour-long drama is the Golden Age of Television, according to Simon. “They have evolved and now have great sophistication,” he added. “So many of these shows are written with depth and are quickly becoming our cultural literature because people don’t read anymore.” David Steven Simon lives in Dobbs Ferry, NY, a Westchester County community with Main Street charm that over the years has attracted writers, directors, designers, editors, photographers, special effects producers, and actors. In 2013, through one of these creative collaborations, Simon wrote, directed, and produced That’s New to Me, a “CGI-fueled wild ride” comedy short for The Wit Protection Program starring Caroline Rhea, Jay Potter, and Chip Zien. (Continued on page 24) “As a director, David is creative and collaborative with all of his actors. I loved being part of Dante and Beatrice. I didn’t want the project to end.” - Tracy Brooks Swope