eCREATIVE Sister, Sister THE ROYAL FAMILY THE WAYANS avid Steven Simon never planned to be a television comedy writer. At age 4, he made the decision to be an actor after appearing in a production of Tommy and the Wishing Well. A native New Yorker, Simon was raised in Hollis, Queens, and attended Manhattan’s prestigious High School of Performing Arts as a drama major. By the time he graduated from college, he had been an actor for 20 years. D said. “I learned what would sell and what wouldn’t.” Simon began his entertainment career in New York City as a publicist for United Artists where he helped launch three Academy Award winning films in a row: Rocky, Network, and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, while working on Woody Allen films, James Bond films, and Pink Panther films. “I wrote captions and stories based on information from the set,” he Simon said access to Hollywood power brokers at that time was easy. “We used to creep on the studio lot and chat up the really cute secretaries. Eight out of 10 times when their bosses came in, they’d say, ‘these guys are cute and funny; you should talk to them’. We got a lot of meetings that way.” After working in the Big Apple, David Simon headed to California to connect with a friend who told him to look him up if he ever came to Los Angeles. “I knew nothing about scripts, pitches, or anything,” he noted. “He said we could sell ideas for a living and we did. An agent convinced us he could represent us as a writing team.”