eCREATIVE When he’s not performing, Matthew enjoys bowling, skiing, and roller skating. In the future, he would like to travel around the world performing solo and with his trio and his quartet. “I love to arrange, compose and improvise,” he said. “I want to produce all types of music for other musicians.” He wants to inspire young people to listen to jazz, and possibly learn to play the piano or another instrument. “Whatever the instrument, take it slow, practice, and you might become famous one day, ” he said. On Friday, February 12, Matthew Whitaker will play two 75-minute sets at the John F. Kennedy Center Jazz Club in Washington, DC. One of the reasons he’s excited about this performance is that in addition to his parents and his growing number of fans, his uncle, grandparents, and his social studies teacher will also be in the audience. Click here for ticket information.  website: “If it wasn’t for God, I wouldn’t have these musical gifts.” Photo Credit: Photo: Enid Farber