eCREATIVE 7 Outside the Lines O ur February 2016 issue is filled with love—a love of music, of writing, and of a promise of what a cultural icon once was and what it can be again. eCREATIVE is an interactive publication that highlights how people use creativity in their personal and professional lives, whether they are creating something new or finding a solution to a question or problem. Several multimedia elements are imbedded in each of our issues to enhance your overall user experience. In this issue, you’ll meet music prodigy Matthew Whitaker, an amazing young man whose heart is just as big as his talent. David Steven Simon takes a candid look at his successful career in Hollywood as a comedy writer, weighing in on the current debate about diversity and the Academy Awards; and guest columnist Gigi Van Deckter describes the urgent efforts underway to save one of Connecticut’s cultural icons: The White Barn Theatre. Be sure to follow us on social media and send me your suggestions, ideas, comments, and questions. Thanks to our sponsors, our issues remain free to view and download Be sure to subscribe with you email so you don’t miss an issue! See you in March, Andrea Berry Publisher [email protected]