According to Simon, power in Hollywood also comes from owning a script or book that people want to produce. “That puts you in the catbird seat until they buy it,” he said. “Then, well, you’re not so powerful.” Consumers look at a television show and see it interrupted by commercials. But Simon says the television industry sees commercials interrupted by television. “It’s not about getting the best scripts to TV,” he added. “It’s how you recruit the young while you retain the same audience of 18 to 49 year-old females for the next two and half hours.” Though there are more features for older audiences and one powerful film can impact your life, “Hollywood today is still all about blowing things up and getting 14 year-olds into the theater.” Industry watchers acknowledge that Nielsen ratings have much less impact because of how the internet has changed the entertainment landscape. “When I was growing up, the three major networks – ABC, CBS, and NBC – were our tastemakers. Today, everything is niche content geared to special interests. Amazon, Netflix and Google will be soon the three biggest networks and binge watching will be the norm,” said