eCREATIVE on time and that the instruments are transported and my set lists are organized,” he said. They also make sure Matthew has the right people around him and that everyone knows he has the full support of both of his parents. “We talked about music, Braille, and took pictures.” A highlight of their meeting was Wonder’s gift to Matthew of one of his harmonicas, which today he keeps in a very special place. “Music is a part of Matthew,” said May Whitaker. “He’s just as excited playing with the school band or at a large venue. He loves the feedback from audiences. It’s easy to In 2014, Matthew was named an Official Hammond Organ Artist by one of his mentors, jazz legend and Hammond Organ Hall-of-Fame Matthew Whitaker was named an Official Hammond Organ Artist in 2014, the youngest inductee in the company’s 81-year history. support him.” Thelonious Monk, Dr. Lonnie Smith, and Stevie Wonder are among the musicians Matthew admires. He was 11 when he met and played for music superstar Stevie Wonder backstage at an Apollo Theater gala. Matthew has also won the iconic winning the icon Amateur Night at the Apollo. “Stevie is really nice, very down to earth,” he noted. member, Dr. Lonnie Smith, making him the youngest inductee in the organization’s 81-year history. Matthew is currently completing work on his first CD recording, titled Take a Break, a mixture of jazz, smooth jazz and latin compositions he has arranged. Six of the album’s 10 tracks