eCREATIVE (Above: Samples of Barbara Pook and her company’s work in New York City) (Continued from page 11) remembers. “I did the graphic design for our riding stable because we both were riding horses. We mended all the fences at the stable because that was a better education. . .my parents were very, very progressive for their time.” Barbara Pook’s mother told her daughters “you will learn to cook when you have a family. Go be outside.” Barbara did learn to cook, and today her life includes a handsome son at university and a beautiful home in Queens, New York. She clearly has built out a fulfilling personal life and a successful creative career. Backstage and onstage Barbara Pook shines!  Based in New York City, Gigi Van Deckter has worked as a producer, director, and writer in New York City, Los Angeles, and London’s West End in Emmy award-winning network, cable, and public television programs and documentaries. She also invests in real estate for international clients at Halstead. She is a proud board member of the White Barn Foundation. She can be reached at [email protected].