Eclipse Magazine - Produced by NABVETS 2015 First Edition | Page 6

Creating positive lifestyles for Veterans and unity through awareness NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR BL ACK VETER ANS, INC. We Want to Share YOUR STORY in an Upcoming Edition! The primary focus of the Eclipse is reinforcing the unity of our members, chapters and commands and providing a platform for sharing ideas, information and communication throughout the NABVETS organization. Each Edition the Eclipse shares information about Regional, State, and Chapter Commands, as well as events and programs within the NABVETS organization. Contact us today to have your Command, event, program or special NABVETS member featured in an upcoming edition! Mail Submissions to: P.O. Box 987 | Converse, TX 78109 Email Submissions to: [email protected] Call: (210) 662 – 4744 Advertisements Accepted NABVETS changes lives and creates a positive lifestyle for Veterans, their families and communities everyday! Help Us Support the Veterans We Serve by Advertising in the Eclipse Today! For less than the cost of publishing an ad in a small newspaper you can help us support Veterans while YOUR AD is viewed by thousands of Veterans and those serving Veterans. Small Marketing Budget? Make Every Dollar Count by Advertising in the Eclipse. Each edition of the NABVETS Eclipse magazine is published & circulated both in print and online. THOUSANDS of printed copies are DISTRIBUTED NATIONALLY to Veterans and those serving Veterans across the country, including NABVETS Members, NABVETS Chapters, Veterans Administration Offices and Hospitals, Veterans Centers, Universities, Public Libraries, Government Offices, Community Centers, the Offices of Elected Officials, County Courthouses, Churches and Community Organizations. Build Your Business While Supporting Veterans! Contact Us Today To Find Out More! MAGAZINE Articles Each article that is submitted should: • Cover the 4 W’s-“Who, What, When and Where” questions. • Include the person submitting the article’s name and contact information, including phone number and email address if they have one. • If it is in relation to a chapter or command, it should have the chapter number, Commander’s name and their contact information if it is different than the person submitting the article. • Include at least one photo/image that meets the guidelines listed below. Prints: Images We welcome regular prints (such as photos printed at any photo processing service). • PLEASE DO NOT SCAN PRINTS WITH AN OFFICE OR HOME SCANNER. If you would like to send a copy instead of the original, please take it to any photo processing center and have the copies printed. • Prints should be mailed to the submission address below. Digital Images: We also welcome digital images taken with a digital camera. • Please be aware that a digital image can look crisp, clear and bright on your viewer or computer screen, but appear grainy, blurry and dark when they are processed by the printer due to higher resolution requirements. • To avoid problems with the images becoming blurry, pixilated or dark when they go through the professional printing process,