Eclipse Magazine - Produced by NABVETS 2015 First Edition | Page 15

Pictured above (Left to Right): Robert Guye, Commander NABVETS-Baltimore; MG Linda Singh, Adjutant, Maryland; Rick Lane and Clarence “Tiger” Davis. treated equally and fairly. Soon, Davis called for a meeting of aggrieved guardsmen at the Cade Armory, named after Colonel Melvin Cade, an extraordinary soldier who led the all-Black 231st Transportation Truck Company during the Korean War. BG General George Brooks, now deceased, and CSM Wilson Thornton began to meet with Davis and provide advice on protocol and strategy. The meeting went well although African-American guardsmen were reluctant to speak out with their superiors present. Nevertheless, the point was made and twenty-nine years later, MG Linda Singh assumed command of the Maryland National Guard from MG James Adkins, who had been her primary mentor and advocate. unprecedented move which even raised questions from Davis. Next, MG Adkins promoted Linda Singh to BG and appointed her as Assistant Adjutant General for the Army National Guard, who has since been promoted to Maryland National Guard Adjutant General . When questioned by Davis, Adkins let him know that Singh was extremely qualified and responded, “It is the right thing to do.” Along the way, several African Americans were promoted to Brigadier General—two of whom are associated with NABVETS—BG Thomas Johnson and BG Edward Ballard. Steady progress under MG Fretterd was interrupted after his forced retirement after a four-year stint, 2003 – 2007; however, his protégé, BG James Adkins, who became Adjutant General in 2008, resumed the march to equal and fair treatment for all. First, he promoted Allyson Solomon, a black female, to BG and appointed her as his Assistant Adjutant General for the Air National Guard, an Indeed, Black History Month 2015 in Maryland was monumental and a demonstration of “real possibilities” when diverse people of good intentions come together in understanding and utilize patience and good will to prevail. As we have always stated, Black History Month is about American History and participants in progress are not always black in hue. NABVETS is proud to recognize the extraordinary contributions of MG Fretterd, MG Adkins and others who steadfastly sought to eradicate racial bias in the Maryland National Guard. NABVETS Eclipse Magazine 2015 First Edition MG Adkins had surpassed even the goals set by NABVETS and others seeking change within the Guard. In 2013, Adkins had received the Jeffries Carey National Achievement Award at the 14th Annual Buffalo Soldiers Memorial Banquet hosted by the Baltimore Chapter of NABVETS. 15