Eclipse Magazine - Produced by NABVETS 2015 First Edition | Page 13

Vets Place Central, located in Milwaukee, WI along with the national headquarters of both NABVETS and the Center for Veterans Issues, is a central hub for many of the services that NABVETS and CVI provide Veterans, including VUB. zero in on just exactly where or what mathematical concept they are struggling with…I can actually individualize my approach to meet the Veteran needs.” Veterans Assistance Program- Southern Center (SC) Partnering up with the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA), UW-Milwaukee Veterans Upward Bound was able to establish classrooms and computer labs at VA Southern Center’s 30-bed transitional living facility for homeless Veterans in Union Grove, WI. Through VUB programs, Veterans are able to make use of in-house educational classes, employment searching, resume building and job training skills right in the comfort of their living facilities. Milwaukee VA Medical Center (VAMC) The VAMC has domiciliary facilities that collectively provide 356 beds and offer programming in Substance Abuse Rehabilitation, Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder care. “This has been just an awesome relationship,” says Dr. Allen. “We provide the instruction in an environment that the Veteran is familiar with, surrounded by a group of support staff and other Veterans that are willing to step in and offer assistance whenever and wherever they can. The classrooms and computer labs are equipped to accommodate up to 18 Veterans collectively. VUB and CVI are looking into providing ‘house calls’ to all of our transitional facilities. And if you believe in the statement that ‘you are never too old to learn,’ then you will understand why I say Veterans retirement homes here in Wisconsin are on my radar and I will be aggressively pursuing having conversations with Secretary John Scocos of WDVA in the near future.” About the Veterans Upward Bound Program The Veterans Upward Bound Program (VUB) serves Veterans in Milwaukee and Racine Counties in Wisconsin. All services are free of charge to eligible veterans. Veterans Upward Bound is a federal Trio program that is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. VUB provides several online classes in addition to individualized tutoring with classroom instructors. Veterans are able to work on a number of basic skills, at their own pace, while enjoying the camaraderie of their peers and instructors eagerly awaiting to engage them in a number of mathematical and other basic skills conversations. For more information about UW-Milwaukee Veterans Upward Bound or information about other Pre-College and Trio Programs at UW-Milwaukee contact Dr. Allen. In addition to these “off-campus” locations, Veterans also have the option of attending classes on the UWM campus, where VUB has a combination classroom and computer lab. The UW-Milwaukee VUB program strives to meet Veterans’ needs in the way that works best for them as individuals and provides, in addition to educational service, multicultural enrichment events as well. Article Courtesy of: Charles E. Allen, MD (USAF, Maj. Ret) NA YQL