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In addition to the safe, pure nature of essential oils, it is also easy to accommodate sensitive or delicate skin by diluting essential oils before use. Those with particularly sensitive skin often have a hard time finding a skincare solution that won’t irritate their skin. Not only do essential oils leave out the parabens and toxins often found in skincare products on today’s market, but they can also be diluted to accommodate those with particularly sensitive skin. Those who worry about skin irritations and sensitivity can still reap the cleansing and purifying benefits of essential oils for skin. Benefits of topical use for the entire body Along with major benefits for the skin, the chemical components in essential oils make them useful for the entire body. Some essential oils hold soothing or calming properties that make them useful for relaxing the body. Other essential oils are known for their warming or cooling properties that can be helpful for calming the body or relieving tension. Some essential oils can even promote healthy breathing T Forehead T Neck T Chest T Abdomen T Arms T Legs T Feet when applied to the chest and neck area, while other essential oils are recognized for their ability to soothe tired muscles and joints. As mentioned, one of the advantages of using essential oils topically is the ability to target a specific area on the body. Topical application allows for specific, targeted use, which allows the user to select a specific oil based on its known benefits, and apply it to a precise area in order to achieve a desired effect. Historical cases of topical use Using essential oils and natural plant components topically is not a new trend, but a practice that has already been in use for centuries. Ancient people throughout the world saw the value of using plants, plant extracts, and essential oils to soothe the skin and body, produce cooling and warming effects, beautify the skin, and more. Take a look at a few ways that plants and essential oils have been used topically throughout history: