Ebooks doTERRA eBook Essential Oils and Sleep - Page 7

How do chemical components make essential oils useful for sleep? Now that you have learned about a few chemical constituents commonly found in essential oils, you might still be wondering, “How will these chemical properties help me sleep?” When an essential oil contains the chemical properties discussed above, or any chemical properties with a soothing, calming, or relaxing nature, it will cause a positive response within the brain and the body. Upon inhaling an essential oil with calming properties, the brain will process the aroma, and an effect will follow. Once you experience a restful night of sleep after using the calming oil, the brain will make what is called a positive association with that aroma, so the next time you smell that particular oil, your brain will have a similar reaction. After successfully using an essential oil to promote a good night of sleep, that oil can be continually used as part of healthy sleep regimen because of the positive connection your brain has made between the smell of the oil and a good night’s rest. Inhale. Inhaling an essential oil can induce a response within the body for relaxation Sleep. This internal response can encourage a restful night of sleep Positive Association. After a restful night of sleep, the aroma has now created a positive association within the brain Repeat. Positive association promotes further use of this particular oil as part of a healthy sleeping routine As discussed, each individual has different sleep patterns, preferences, and needs, and every person will react to an essential oil a little bit differently. This is what makes essential oils so useful for promoting an environment conducive to sleep—you can find an oil that works for you and your sleeping needs. If you find that one essential oil doesn’t promote quality sleep like you hoped it would, you can try another oil that contains chemical components that are known to support sleep, and see if that particular oil is a better fit for your needs.