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The consequences of poor sleeping patterns Experts suggest that adults get at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night. While the amount of sleep required may vary slightly from person to person, it is important for everyone to allow their body to rest for a substantial amount of time every night in order to maintain proper function of the brain and the body’s major systems. Unfortunately, many While you are asleep… adults do not receive the proper amount of sleep each night due to a The brain • Processes information, stimuli, and memories • Sorts through information and gets rid of waste • Undergoes processes essential for learning and memory number of circumstances, including frequent interruption during the night by children or newborns, inadequate bedding or an unfavorable sleeping environment, consumption of stimulating substances like caffeine, a demanding work schedule, and distractions like technology or entertainment. In addition to these factors that often keep adults from getting proper rest, some people deal with more serious health conditions associated with sleep that can cause interruptions throughout the night. Because regular quality sleep is vital to the body’s restorative processes, missing out on proper rest can pose health risks. For example, inadequate sleep can impact our ability to lose weight The body • Rejuvenates the body’s cells • Rests and recuperates through relaxing muscles and slowing the breathing • Undergoes processes essential for growth and regulating hormones or maintain a healthy weight. Loss of sleep can also influence our emotions, behavior, and decision-making abilities, which can have negative effects on our daily life. For both adults and children, sleep deprivation can influence learning ability and motivation, making it difficult to complete tasks or learn properly. Depriving the body of sleep can negatively impact nearly any organ system in the body, which can seriously affect our overall health. While some think that the impact of poor sleep is minimal, it is important to note that lack of sleep influences reaction time, which can seriously affect your ability to drive safely. Thousands of accidents and Experts suggest that adults sleep between seven and eight hours every night to function properly; however, this can vary from person to person. Some people can function well after only six hours per night, while other adults need 10 hours of sleep for peak brain and body performance. deaths are caused by drowsy drivers every year, making quality sleep a matter of life and death. In addition to the consequences and risks listed above, the lack of proper sleep can have a variety of effects that may differ from person to person. The negative impact of sleep deprivation may manifest itself in the body by causing changes in mood, influencing cardiovascular health, or affecting the immune system. When you deprive your body of proper sleep and your brain of adequate rest, any number of negative consequences may follow.