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1 2 3 CHAPTER The importance of sleep We know that everything we do during our daily routine influences our health and wellbeing; however, we often forget that our sleeping habits are just as crucial to our health. Yes, exercising, eating right, and finding a healthy way to deal with emotions and stress are all important parts of our day, but allowing our minds and bodies to rest and recuperate at night is equally important. While some may think that CHAPTER The science behind essential oils and sleep actually been linked to a number of health risks that can impact the body. the only consequences of poor sleep are feeling groggy or sluggish the next day, sleep deprivation has What do our brains and bodies do while we are asleep? Sleeping is much more than just a way to pass the time, or a means CHAPTER of getting rid of the bags under our eyes. As we sleep, our brains and Which essential oils are best for sleep? bodies go through important processes that are necessary for growth, learning and memory, and recuperation of the body’s systems. While we sleep, our brain processes information, stimuli, and memories from throughout the day. As the brain sorts through important information and memories, it clears away waste and excess information in order to refresh the mind—allowing the brain to start fresh in the morning. CHAPTER How to use essential oils to rejuvenating the body’s cells while promote relaxing the muscles and taking sleep healthy Relaxed, deep sleep allows the body to rest and recuperate by slow, deep breaths. Just as our minds must process information while we sleep, giving the body a break will help major systems function properly. During the night, we experience several levels of sleep that allow the brain and the body to rest and recover. When we cut those processes short, our minds and bodies haven’t had time to properly process and recuperate, which can cause problems in the long run.