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Summary of 2016 Carer Survey Results What you said... O n behalf of the Carers Advisory Group, I would like to thank those who responded to the Carer Survey Questionnaire issued in April this year. The following is what you collectively said: 96% said they were happy with EBL services 100% indicated that EBL premises were suitable to very suitable 100% viewed EBL activities were • Care Directive/Guardianship/Power of Attorney (43%) • Behaviours/Social skills (26%) • Will preparation (39%) • Other topics you would like to know (13%) • Carers having a sense of comfort knowing their son/daughter is in good hands • Carer’s son/daughter being able to participate in activities with their peers The carer survey results bear good to very good Commentaries provided indicated 91% rated the helpfulness of staff very testimony to the high standard of that the overall communication of helpful and 5% helpful services provided by EBL staff. EBL was good. Accordingly, the Carers Advisory There were minimal suggestions for Group would like to congratulate EBL improvement of EBL services but Services for their good management a desire for more respite care was which yielded such positive feedback indicated by a number of carers. from the parents/carers. In summary, there is a high level of I have already noted the feedback on Valley with Adelaide Sight Seeing. satisfaction with the services and the need to give more information support provided by EBL. in the Yarnbrook booklet was D 100% said they felt comfortable to make a formal complaint 96% felt that issues were dealt with in a timely manner You indicated interest in the following information sessions: • Coaching for parents/carers to navigate the NDIS roll out of individual funding – day session (48%) • Coaching for parents/carers to navigate the NDIS roll out of individual funding – evening session (35%) There is also a general appreciation and acknowledgement of the benefits of EBL services. Examples given were: • Carers being able to have a break, peace and quiet time which addressed when my daughter had a respite weekend with EBL recently. There was information on what Carer Mystery Bus Tour On Saturday May 21st, our treasured carers took a well-earned break in the form of a Mystery Bus Tour, spending the day travelling through the Barossa eparting from Davoren Park at 9.00am, the first stop was the Lyndoch Bakery and Restaurant where the team were surrounded by the tempting bakery smells and many delicious treats. Still in Lyndoch, the next stop was the Lyndoch Lavender Farm in the glorious sun. she ate and the activities she was After exploring Lyndoch, everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch at The Clubhouse involved in which information was in Tanunda, but not before visiting the famous one of a kind Hill and Son organ sought by parents/carers according made in Tanunda in 1877. With bellies full and more still to come, the to the survey. carers then spent the afternoon visiting Maggie Beer’s Farmshop, otherwise they would not been able followed by a scenic tour through the wineries. to have. This was such a great and well organised day for all involved, and one that will be remembered with much fondness. What next? The carer survey aggregated results have been shared with the EBL Board. The information sessions you ind