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Genelle's Grand Final O n Saturday I played in the C6 division Grand Final at Mile End Stadium. I play for Central Districts and we played Semaphore 1. My team won our Elimination final and then the Preliminary final to make the Grand Final. Unfortunately, we had 2 players unavailable for the Grand Final so we had 8 players. I played WD and I played really good. The score was Semaphore 66 to Centrals 14. Our team tried very hard and our coach, Sam, said she was proud of us because we all tried hard and had fun. Mum in law, Dad in law, Jane, Rodney, Millie, Eliza and Eva came to watch and Lyndell and Tauri came to watch as well. After the game, we went to the medal presentation and our team got runner up medals. Welcome our newest Developmental Educators, Yoshi and Annaleise! A Note from Yoshi I had been working at Harrow House, which is one of the Supported Independent Living within EBL Disability Services, for 8 years until I started working as a Support Coordinator/ Developmental Educator last month. While working there I have undertaken various roles, including Disability Support Worker, Assistant House Manager, Acting House Manager and completed my Bachelor in Disability and Developmental Education. As I come from a non-English speaking background, I can totally Saturday night I went to the Grand Central for Gala night and I got another understand how confused and frustrated people who don’t understand medal and a voucher for Sports Power. I sat with the girls in my team and I had the NDIS terminology. I believe that one of my critical roles as a Support a good time. Coordinator is to untangle people’s confusion and enable them to focus Kind regards, on their or the goals and aspirations of people they support. Genelle I’m looking forward to working with you. Yoshi Here’s a picture of Yoshi and his beautiful twins that made it into The Advertiser at the recent City to Bay fun run. Well Done Yoshi! Victor Harbor Camp (Haybourough) W e were fortunate that the rain held off for us to enjoy some time at Urimbirra Wildlife Park on Saturday. We all had a fantastic time there as the photos show. A Note from Annaleise I have been working at EBL for just over a month now, as a support coordinator. Over the past four years I have been working with children under the guardianship of the minister as a support worker. Working with children from On Saturday night, we dined out at the McCracken Golf Club restaurant. birth to eighteen. Majority of my experience is within behaviour management, The staff there were amazing, we were treated like Royals! and daily living supports. During this time, I worked within childcare centres as On Sunday, we visited the Fruchoc Factory where we all got the opportunity to an educator whilst completing a bachelor in primary education and disability taste test some yummy chocolates as well as purchase some for ourselves and studies. I have had limited experience within mainstream and special education. loved ones. This experience helped me to realise that I wanted to do more and help A great time was had by all! participants within the community. Therefore, I have been undertaking more training and development to practice as a developmental educator and a support coordinator. I have a passion for understanding human behaviour, the human mind and how it functions, as well as behaviour management. To do so I am currently undertaking a bachelor of psychological studies (graduate entry). I hope to have this degree completed by the end of 2020 and to use the skills and knowledge developed within my current role at EBL. I have always had a passion for helping others and working within the disability sector. In my spare time participate within yoga classes which heavily focus on the principle of yin and yang, as well as mindfulness. This is extremely helpful within stressful situations to remain calm and to keep a healthy work/ home life balance. Annaleise 8 EBL QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER EBL QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER 9