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result of the support many achieved Our primary goal is to establish the NDIS funding for services they a truly independent, ethical and were hoping. But now much of the personalised service. In order to informal support provided by EBL achieve this, we are excited to share has been replaced with formal NDIS that we have recently rebranded supports such as financial plan our new services as ENABLE Plan management, support coordination, Management & Support Coordination local area coordination and advocacy which has been established as a services. subsidiary of EBL Disability Services. We have employed four new NDIS Plan Administrators and we are excited to Both services sit separately under the officially turn on the service. We have a new logo, office, marketing strategy new name to ensure they operate as and have been working extremely hard on our processes and implementing truly independent and ethical entities. all the Careview developments as they are put into effect. In August, we had Furthermore, the NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission now provides clear instructions about how Introducing ENABLE Plan Management & Support Coordination B y way of history, back in 2017 EBL established one of the To support the ongoing development potential conflict of interest when of these services we have appointed providing financial plan management a new Business Manager, Yvette and support coordination services to Elson who has been busy overhauling existing EBL participants and families. our processes and systems in order Essentially, this is about protecting to improve the service we offer. your rights to choice and control. Unfortunately, this re-engineering For instance, NDIS deems it a conflict of interest for EBL to provide financial plan management & support coordination to existing participants who are receiving EBL services such as: W elcome to Enable Plan Management. My name is Yvette Elson. I am the Business Manager and have been with Enable for 3 months. A lot has happened within this period and I’m excited to share our journey thus far! a positive meeting with Devon Hamon, Careview Founder. We discussed all things Careview and had an exciting demonstration with EzeScan. Careview, in collaboration with EzeScan, will embed their software into Careview and it will be the vehicle used to deliver hardcopy documents and electronic file capture, conversion, processing and routing directly to Careview. This is an exciting collaboration and we look forward to trialing the new software early next year. work created quite a disruption Individual Service Agreements have been updated so that once a participant to our regular business and we engages the services of Enable Plan Management they don’t need to keep experienced some teething problems renewing per plan, it is an ongoing arrangement. The participant still has the which in turn extended waiting times right to leave at any time. We are, however, still working on the consent to temporarily. Understandably, some share information within EBL which is a really important piece of work within of our participants and their families the NDIS framework. felt let down. We apologise for the In the coming months, we will also Support Coordination services in the • supported independent living, inconvenience this disruption caused. be having information sessions northern suburbs. At the time these • respite, We thank those who persisted • day options, regarding Plan Management were new services for the disability and stayed with us through this and the Careview App. This will sector and certainly outside our • social & community participation challenging period. We are happy be a great opportunity for all area of expertise. Nonetheless, to So, it is important to understand your to report that all available indicators clients to engage with the Plan best support new NDIS entrants we right to explore other providers if are looking good and we are now Management team and ask set up these services in response to you are already connected to one delivering a more professional and any and all questions you have the growing demand. Initially, our of the EBL services listed above responsive service. You will hear surrounding your plan and the financial plan management & support before choosing us. Only when you an update from Yvette later in this Careview App. We look forward coordination team was very small. have explored the other options and edition highlighting a number of to seeing you all there! Stay However, in recent times this has cannot find a suitable service will we positive changes. tuned for dates… changed considerably and we now discuss the opportunity to sign up employ 14 new people across these with EBL. Wendy Warren Yvette Elson first financial Plan Management & two services. 6 EBL QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER service providers must manage the ENABLE Plan Management & Support Coordination Signing up for financial plan For the past two years, we have management or support coordination invested considerable time and (or both) involves attending an effort into supporting and preparing initial meeting to discuss your rights participants, carers and employees and the terms and conditions of for the NDIS new way of working. your Individual Service Agreement. It’s fair to say that it’s been a huge If you choose EBL we will ask challenge. However, after years of you to sign a conflict of interest preparation we have transitioned all form before entering into any of the existing participants to the arrangement to provide these new scheme. Because of this work services. Our preference is that you many people supported by EBL were always consider other financial plan well prepared leading up to their first managers and support coordinators NDIS planning meeting. And, as a first. Chief Executive “ Business Manager We partner and advocate for our community to overcome challenges to fulfill aspirations and provide peace of mind ” EBL QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER 7