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A Word from Wendy EBL Carer Advisory Group opportunity to wish you all a W the year that was, I acknowledge wonderful Christmas and New It is always good to hear from the service afloat. There have been many that none of this would be possible Year. May this festive time of the different services EBL provide and changes to EBL since then with many without the unwavering support year touch your heart in a special House Manager, Sarah, from Wallaroo additional services, new CEO, and the of our staff, volunteer Board of way. Wishing you much happiness gave us an overview of what they challenges of the NDIS. Management, Carer Advisory not just today, but throughout the have achieved in their first year. We Group and Committees. We are so year ahead. were privileged to have two parents (continued from page 3) As I reflect on these memories and blessed to have such committed and As this will be our last newsletter Chief Executive until early next year we take this EBL Disability Services e have been working hard to bring the EBL Strategy Plan to fruition and are proud to share an overview of our strategic vision, goals and aspirations with you here. ebldisabilityservices.org.au/about-us/ ENABLE Better Lifestyles 2019 – 2022 OUR STRATEGIC PLAN Strategic Vision Our passion is to support people with complex and multiple disabilities to live fulfilled lives. We will do this through promoting each person’s right to inclusion, independence and respect. Our success is measured by satisfied people who are supported to make informed choices about their life. Strategic Goals Embrace the NDIS through engagement Ebl is an acknowledged leader Participants are our focus Improve through innovation Collaboration & partnering Aspirations We will: We will: We will: We will: We will: • commit to changing the way we do things to align with the NDIS • • • inspire optimism, creativity, and growth • embrace partnerships, at many levels • build a culture of experimentation without fear • create an environment of shared understanding • create an environment where everyone does their best work • keep communicating, good and bad • focus on delivering solutions to suit the new environment • be responsible for defining our course of action • invest in our workforce and leaders • • deliver on our promises by tirelessly pursuing the best outcomes for people with disabilities • ensure decisions are well informed and people understand their accountability • build an organisation that is stronger tomorrow than it is today again. Our vision is to passionately support individuals and their families to lead fulfilled lives. Our Strategic Plan can also be found on our website here: create an inclusive leadership culture • actively listen to our participants so that we truly understand their needs provide participants with what they want and need ensure participants are fully aware of their rights • provide positive impact, and quality services to all participants or refer on • ensure we are trained to provide the highest level of participant service • • invest in our future through the use of new technology and innovative thinking • ensure our systems are “future-proofed” such that we invest in technology to support our work people who kept striving to keep this enjoyed the morning and will join us “ EBL Strategic Plan W you received last month. last Carers morning tea. I hope they Wendy Warren here at EBL.  care and I am so grateful to the of the Wallaroo clients attend our Thank you. dedicated people working together hat a bumper newsletter • • reward creative, team-oriented thinking create a culture of feedback and transparent communication so that we continue to improve value our employees to ensure they are happy and high performing ” I would like to thank the parents who returned the annual survey. We had a drop of about 12% on the numbers received from last year. Parent’s and EBL have had to face new challenges since the introduction My reference to Marg Walshe in the of the NDIS and this was reflected last newsletter and her involvement in some of the surveys. Therefore, in the Ron Clark Disco’s was, I if you have an issue with any of the think, the same Marg Walshe who services you use and feel you want was involved in the establishment help to address the problem please of Elizabeth Bowey Lodge. I had contact the Carer Advisory Group heard accounts of the history of and we are happy to assist you. In a EBL previously but not as detailed few surveys, clients ticked a box and as in our last newsletter. I remember were wanting assistance with a Plan hearing of their struggle and parents review, Plan Management or Support pleas about the need for the service Co-ordination. As the surveys are to remain open over a talk-back anonymous EBL will need you to radio program. Our daughter was contact the office on 82521000 to 4 at the time and had just started receive help. attending the Kent Town pre-school. She has just turned 37 and has been Dawn Brodie in supported accommodation for Convenor 18 months with EBL providing her EBL Carer Advisory Group 2019 Carer Survey Following is a brief summary of the 2019 Carer Survey. A full report will be included in the AGM report. Respondents from EBL services EBL are always open to suggestions Accommodation......................................41% and those received in the survey’s Respite........................................................29% Day Options................................................ 11% will be forwarded to the appropriate EBL or ENABLE staff in either Day Options, Respite, Support Combination of Services ....................18% Coordination or Plan Management. How helpful are EBL staff when If you wish to contact the Carers accessing EBL services? Advisory Group please phone Very helpful or helpful.........................85% 0411433976. Helpful suggestions............................... 15% Comfortable to make a eblds.org.au 4 EBL QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER complaint ..................................................86% EBL QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER 5