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A Note from The Chair A Word from Wendy t’s not so long ago that people with Yesterday, in an atmospheric and a disability (physical or intellectual) ancient pub, full of steps, a woman in A struggled to access so many a wheelchair arrived with her friend. believe we are drawing closer to share a one page summary of our services that ‘normal’ people take for The staff were there in a flash with the end of yet another year. And plan, including the strategic vision, granted. Transport was a nightmare. portable ramps, and welcoming what a year it has been. 2019 has goals and aspirations we have for Accessing any building with steps, smiles. Then I went to a concert not been without its challenges. EBL Disability Services over the next impossible. Going to mainstream over the road – about 500 people, From the establishment of the Royal 3 years. activities such as normal school and including some in wheelchairs, a Commission into Violence, Abuse, tertiary education, sport, music and woman dragging a portable oxygen Neglect and Exploitation of People entertainment, unthinkable. cylinder, a blind man on the arm of with a Disability, something we are his partner. incredibly pleased to see put in place I Perhaps because I am currently s we head into the warmer ensure we continue to adapt as the months of spring, it is hard to scheme matures. In this edition, we to ensure those most vulnerable are We are also delighted to announce the launch of our new partner service, Enable Plan Management and Support Coordination, which has been established to support people away, out of my normal environment, All of these events and scenes now I am more aware of what’s going so normal. People helping where on around me. When I boarded the necessary, waiting patiently for the plane, there were several people in infirm to make their way – it’s all just  As you may have seen in the service has its own identity and is part of life. media, Hon Ronald Sackville AO run separately to EBL to avoid the QC has been appointed as Chair potential for a conflict of interest. of the Royal Commission and will With that in mind, we provide more be supported by six other Royal details in the following pages which Commissioners, these being The Hon highlights the need to do your own Roslyn Atkinson AO, Ms Barbara research into the providers available. Bennett PSM, Dr Rhonda Galbally It’s important that you make an AC, Ms Andrea Mason OAM, Alastair informed decision when it comes to McEwin AM and The Hon John Ryan selecting a provider. wheelchairs who went on first. And in the airport, little golf buggies whisked some of the elderly, or physically challenged to wherever they needed to be. When I wandered into a department store a woman and a teenage boy were talking about what they would I feel grateful to live in a country and a society that, while still having flaws and still working towards true accessibility and equality for those with disability, has come so far. Sue Chapman be buying – as the parent of a boy Chairperson with autism, I soon recognised that EBL Disability Services the teenager was autistic. But he was coping wonderfully amongst the hustle and bustle - and no-one gave him a second glance. I went to an art exhibition, which included works by people (old and young) who have suffered strokes, brain injuries and other major neural deficits. They live in care, and every year the gallery exhibits their artworks. Gallery staff talked to us about some of the artists and their backgrounds. Art is a way for them to keep connected with the larger world, and the artists eagerly look forward to the exhibition. protected, to fully transitioning to the NDIS and the challenges it brings. AM. We are very happy to see this established as supporting those who are not always able to support themselves aligns with our values and is at the forefront of what we as an organisation strive to achieve each and every day. with managing their NDIS budgets and coordination of supports. This I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest recruits to the team including Enable Plan Management & Support Coordination Manager, Yvette Elson together with Developmental Educators, Yoshi and Annaleise. We have seen significant growth with You will hear more about Enable transitioning to the NDIS. Navigating from Manager Yvette in the the challenges and supporting pages that follow. Additionally, families through this time has been we share information about Yoshi our focus. While many families have and Annaleise and their wealth been feeling quite anxious about the of experience.  We are very excited transition to the NDIS I am feeling to have them on board. Welcome more confident things will begin to Yvette, Yoshi and Annaleise to the settle as we learn more about the EBL community! new scheme. We have developed greater understanding, expertise and depth of knowledge that only working through the changes and adapting along the way can provide. In this publication, we also share some delightful photos and stories about people’s adventures. The smiles on their faces constantly remind us of what we are here to do, In addition to that, we have despite the disruption the NDIS is been working hard to bring our bringing. Strategic Plan to fruition. We have adopted an emergent strategy to 2 EBL QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER (Continued on page 4) EBL QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER 3