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Effective Solutions To Complex EB-5 Issues ARNSTEIN & LEHR EB-5 PRACTICE GROUP Arnstein & Lehr’s EB-5 Practice Group consists of an inter-disciplinary team of professionals with experience in corporate securities and immigration, as well as commercial real estate, finance, international and tax matters. We provide comprehensive EB-5 project guidance and have represented over 140 projects with a value in excess of $2 Billion. Our practice consists of advising businesses who are seeking EB-5 financing from foregin investors, as well as representing foreign investors who are interested in obtaining permanent residence in the United States through making an EB-5 investment. OUR EB-5 LEGAL SERVICES • • • • • Serving as lead project counsel and coordinating with economists, EB-5 business plan drafters and other legal counsel Preparation of EB-5 offering documents, including private placement memorandum, subscription agreement, operating agreement and loan documents SEC compliance and review for EB-5 projects Coordination with franchisors for projects involving the development of franchise units utilizing EB-5 financing Representation of foreign investors with their I-526 and I-829 petitions, including detailed analysis of “source of funds” Visit our blog at: www.eb5arnstein.com EB-5 PRACTICE GROUP ATTORNEYS Ronald R. Fieldstone, Practice Chair Karina DuQuesne Luis Flores Anthony Kang Mark F. Miller Julian F. Montero Edward G. Quinlisk Jay M. Rosen Rebecca Abrams Sarelson Accomplished lawyers who understand your goals. www.arnstein.com For more information contact: Ronald R. Fieldstone P (305) 428-4500 [email protected] Miami | Tampa | Fort Lauderdale | West Palm Beach | Boca Raton | Chicago | Springfield Continued from page 67 bring in two hundred people, but it was extremely hard to get any contracts signed. At that time, people had many doubts, and we also controlled the risks in a strict way. After a period of time, more and more people got a clearer understanding about investment immigration as the information began spreading. Indeed, more competitions were coming up and we now apply a more diverse advertising strategy. The most important thing for us is to know exactly the customer’s demands and what we can do to help them to meet those demands. All in all, what we need to do is to help those customers who agree with our company’s philosophy. We focus on finding those who have a strong intention for immigrating, which is a reason for us to advance the business of overseas study. EB5 Investors Magazine: Let’s return to the issues surrounding the EB-5 program. Could you talk about your project selection criteria? Whether the profit or the commission would be an important factor? Gary Dong: When I choose investment projects, the profit is not an important factor unless other conditions are met. We always put our customers first and consider questions like whether our customers would like it, or whether it could safeguard their interests. We could profit only when customers’ interests are protected. 68 EB5 Investors Magazine: Do you prefer to cooperate with large-scale regional centers with a successful record, even if they provide lower profits? Gary Dong: Yes. From our perspective, the professional qualifications of regional centers are one of the most important factors that determine a project’s success, and we consider ourselves successful only when the clients’ demands have been met. Many customers choose us due to our reputation, so cooperating with successful projects is important to us. EB5 Investors Magazine: What are your standards in choosing a new partner? What do you look for in a regional center? Gary Dong: Actually, we are considering cooperating with new regional centers. However, we are wary to cooperate with regional centers that are small and manage only a single project without a business continuity plan. Besides, performing due diligence on projects and regional centers is a very complicated, time-consuming, and risky process. Even if I hire a third party to conduct the due diligence report, the qualifications of the project and regional center still cannot be guaranteed, which is why we are very cautious when choosing projects and regional centers to work with. It would cost a lot of time for our advisors and staff to totally understand our partners, so I would look forward to a long-lasting cooperation. I hope the partner could introduce more projects, provide some follow-up services for the investors, and support us in sales. EB5 INVESTORS MAGAZINE