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“Non-Traditional” EB-5 Projects Make a Big Splash by EB5 Investors Magazine Staff Mixed-use real estate and hotel development helped put the EB-5 industry on the map after the economic downturn in 2008, but there are plenty of projects other projects which offer a unique alternative. EB5 Investors Magazine interviewed two regional centers1 that have completed projects ranging from movie production to eco-friendly food packaging, in addition to more “mainstream” EB-5 projects, and compiled their answers to shed light on viable yet often overlooked EB-5 projects. EB5 Investors Magazine: What are some of your more successful non-traditional projects? Mickayla Zinsli, Director, North Dakota / Minnesota EB-5 Regional Center: Of the projects in our pipeline, the most unique is an eco-paper food packaging manufacturing project in Devils Lake, ND. The company uses wheat straw as an alternative to paper products (e.g. paper plates, napkins, etc.). This approach is more eco-friendly because wheat regenerates annually. Another project that comes to mind is an oil and gas project located in the heart of The Bakken rock formation. to public and privat H