EB5 Investors Magazine - Page 84

EB-5 Focus on Latin America by Milton Chacon A growing concern over potential delays with the processing of Chinese EB-5 visas is pushing regional centers to consider other countries as a steady source of wealthy immigrants eager to relocate to the United States under this program. With over 600,000 millionaires, Latin American countries can become a large source of such investors, particularly at a time when many of these countries have experienced extended periods of economic growth and relative political stability, giving way to the expansion of a wealthier upper middle class that might not have previously satisfied the financial requirements of the EB-5 program. Latin America consists of 22 separate nations comprising approximately 600 million people. However, despite their common distant past as Spanish and Portuguese colonies and numerous treaties attempting to unify the region, many significant differences remain between these nations. Not the least of which relates to economic cycles caused by unstable political regimes that have, at times, derailed economic progress and created social instability. Specifically, the leftist, anti-imperialist and populist rhetoric of some regimes has periodically impeded progress, leading to social unrest, volatility and less predictable economic decisions. However, despite occasional anti-American propaganda, the United States remains the most appealing destination in the developed world for Latin American emigrants due to its proximity to the region, large and established Spanish-speaking communities and robust legal system. 82 EB5 INVESTORS MAGAZINE Linguistic map of Latin America Spanish Portuguese French Other