EB5 Investors Magazine - Page 80

[ CORPORATE & SECURITIES ATTORNEYS ] Clem Turner practices corporate and securities law in the New York office of Homeier & Law, P.C. Continuing a long career of securities work, which began at international law firm Skadden Arps, Clem connected with the firm in 2010, as it was looking to expand. Since then, Clem and his partners have drawn on their mutual dedication to meeting client needs, researching the issues, and generally “doing the work” the right way. At Homeier & Law, Clem works as part of a seven-attorney team to tackle EB-5 and other securities-related transactions. Simply put, Clem and his team help their clients navigate applicable securities regulations as they raise money for numerous types of projects and businesses. The attorneys at H&L do not just draft EB-5 equity investment documents, but, rather, are corporate and securities attorneys in the broader sense of the term. In addition to EB-5 real estate developers, Clem counsels entrepreneurs, corporate CEOs and filmmakers, among others. Accordingly, he understands a variety of industries and best practices for operating within them. With this understanding, Clem can counsel EB-5 issuers no matter their geographic location or industry. In addition, as corporate attorneys, the team at Homeier & Law is perfectly equipped to meet its clients’ general contractual needs, from preparing marketing agreements to term sheets, and even vendor agreements. 78 Clem Turner Before he entered the EB-5 space, Clem counseled public and private corporations acquiring financing. While he still undertakes such work, Clem enjoys the added personal satisfaction from counseling EB-5 offerings. He finds satisfaction in knowing that he is assisting issuers who are creating U.S. jobs and helping people get back to work. Clem recognizes the integrated nature of EB-5 and notes that, oftentimes, when one project fails to meet a minimum standard, the entire industry’s reputation suffers. Because of this, Clem and his colleagues work hard to educate others in the industry about the need for securities compliance, so that regional centers and developers can run their projects responsibly and successfully. EB5 INVESTORS MAGAZINE