EB5 Investors Magazine - Page 77

[ CORPORATE & SECURITIES ATTORNEYS ] Ronald Fieldstone has been a corporate and securities lawyer for over 40 years and began working on EB-5 cases in 2009 after a friend recommended he get involved. Ronald practices in the Miami office of Arnstein & Lehr LLP, a fullservice law firm that represents a wide array of clients, from large corporations to nonprofits and emerging businesses. His securities background prepared Ronald well for the EB-5 field, and he now represents multiple developers and regional centers, assisting on more than 125 individual projects with a combined capital raise in excess of $2 billion. For Ronald, the ever-evolving EB-5 program is always a learning experience. He explains that the experience he gains each year aggregates in an almost geometric expansion of EB-5 knowledge. This enables him to apply his expertise on an ongoing basis and to handle the unique components of each new EB-5 deal he encounters. Ronald embraces the opportunity to undertake transactions for all different types of projects around the country, interacting with interesting developers and regional centers, and gaining exposure to geographic and real estate issues, the utilization of EB-5 capital in sundry industries, and much more. Ronald has become adept at navigating what he finds to be the most difficult components of EB-5 securities work: dealing with the industry’s grey matter, the constantlychanging landscape of immigration law, variations in deal Michael Homeier began his work on EB-5 issues in 2009 and is the co-founding shareholder of Homeier & Law, P.C., with offices in Los Angeles and New York City. He and his partner, Jor Law, were introduced to EB-5 by a Top 25 Immigration Attorney, who needed expert yet reasonablypriced securities counsel on an EB-5 case—he has been hooked ever since. Michael’s seven-lawyer firm specializes in a sophisticated general business law practice for mediumand small-sized businesses, with a particular expertise in crowdfunding, as well as EB-5. The firm aims to provide the same quality of work as larger and more expensive firms, but at “middle-class” prices. As both a business and securities lawyer, Michael handles EB-5 cases in a unique manner, along with his fellow attorneys. They not only make certain that all appropriate disclosures about the investment opportunities are made, but also that the pieces will work together from a business law perspective. This involves completing securities disclosure work, as well as corporate and transactional law work. Michael strives to ensure that potential investors see the risks and potential gains involved with investment opportunities, and also that the particular project makes sense from a business perspective. He sees his practice providing a key piece in the puzzle of helping businesses succeed, as well as enabling investors to Ronald R. Fieldstone structures, and the continued transformation in marketing of the EB-5 product. Indeed, Ronald is attuned to a number of “quantum leaps” the EB-5 industry has experienced, such as the transition from an equity-based model to a primarily-debt model, to the freezing of the program, to implementing escrow holdbacks, to the involvement of major companies. Ronald prides himself on assisting his clients achieve outcomes that are viable from both immigration and business standpoints. He interacts with his clients in a business-like environment, but cuts to the chase to focus on the most essential information. In addition to his work with clients, Ronald is an active speaker and author on a range of EB-5 issues. Michael Homeier be better informed about their investments. Michael is passionate about EB-5 because it provides a way for businesses to raise capital in what remains a very difficult business financing environment, and a way for successful foreign investors to attain U.S. visas and eventually contribute to expanding the U.S. economy. Michael works to have EB-5 seen as just one piece in the bigger picture of helping a business grow and succeed, and he feels privileged that he and his team can contribute to that. He carries this positive attitude over into his personal life, where he spends time speaking to fellow teen and young adult cancer survivors. WWW.EB5INVESTORS.COM 75