EB5 Investors Magazine - Page 64

[ IMMIGRATION ATTORNEYS ] For nearly 14 years, Jeff Campion has owned, operated, and managed the Law Office of Jeffrey E. Campion, P.A., based in Weston, Florida. His office counsels high-net-worth individuals who are seeking residency and naturalization in the United States. The practice additionally represents developers and regional centers in setting up EB-5 compliant projects. Jeff Campion Jeff began his own regional center, Texas Urban Triangle Regional Center, in 2011, and subsequently became CEO of Pathways. Pathways manages a family of regional centers that have been approved, or are pending approval, in many major U.S. population areas. Since Jeff began working on EB-5 cases in 2009, he has seen the program change tremendously in terms of project variety, with clients now able to choose from several projects that may meet their goals and have a greater likelihood of returning capital. Indeed, he believes the EB-5 industry is just beginning and will boom in the next few years as traditional capital becomes more expensive, and large developers continue to recognize EB-5 as a viable financing tool. With an ability to connect with people, Jeff’s philosophy is that you cannot adequately represent anyone in immigration without understanding them individually. He knows how important immigration can be to a family that leaves behind everything they know to settle in a new country, with only the hope of a better life. Many of Jeff’s high net worth Edward Carroll got his start in the EB-5 industry around 1995 through his involvement with one of the early, major EB-5 projects. Ed was instrumental in the launch of the Vermont Regional Center and the state’s first EB-5 project— Jay Peak Resort. Since then, Ed has worked on EB-5 projects in many industries, counseling both individual investors and project developers. Ed practices at his law firm, Carroll & Associates, PC in Vermont, where he works mostly with developer and regional center clients. Ed brings a background of commercial law and business immigration to his EB-5 practice. Most often he is approached by businesses seeking EB-5 compliance in order to attract foreign capital, developers applying for regional center designation, and regional center operators looking for assistance in filing annual USCIS reporting forms. Throughout his career, Ed has seen the EB-5 program grow and evolve; he cites the exponential growth of regional centers and projects as a key change in the industry. For him, this means that investors now have greater choice, but also more difficulty, in discerning which projects are truly compliant and run by competent developers and regional centers. Ed’s greatest satisfaction is the success of his clients. He is very aware of the many obstacles confronting EB-5 stakeholders relying upon the EB-5 program. Ed would like to see USCIS increase transparency and consistency and 62 clients come from Latin America, where they have been oppressed, persecuted and even kidnapped. Jeff was drawn to immigration law, and EB-5 in particular, because it allows people to come to the United States where they can live without persecution and enjoy the freedoms deserved by all. In Jeff’s opinion, the EB-5 program not only offers such an opportunity, but also has the mutual benefit of stimulating the U.S. economy through investments in local businesses. As Jeff says, why not support a program that changes lives and builds American business in the process? Edward Carroll reduce adjudication times so that the economic and immigration benefits of the EB-5 program can be fully realized. Despite challenges, Ed is confident that project developers will continue to seek EB-5 funding and that investors will remain interested in the EB-5 program. Ed speaks and writes frequently on immigration law and EB-5 issues. He is an associate editor of Immigration Options for Investors & Entrepreneurs (2nd ed.) and his articles have appeared in AILA and ABA publications, among others. Additionally, Ed has been a long time member of AILA’s EB-5 Committee and has educated various groups on immigration law, including adjudicators at the USCIS Vermont Service Center. EB5 INVESTORS MAGAZINE