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On the cover Vo l u m e 2 - N u m b e r 3 In this issue we recognize the top immigration and corporate & securities attorneys in the EB-5 field. Turn to page 60 to see who is in the top 25 this year. Also in this issue: practical tips for establishing a compliant regional center website on page 54. 4 Publisher’s Note 44 The Retrogression Roadblock Confronting the Challenges of a Chinese Visa Backlog in 2015 and Beyond 6 The Opportunity and Challenge by David Hirson and Cletus Weber of Mapping California TEAs An analysis of GO-Biz’s new interactive tool Strategies for Dealing with Retrogression by Elliot Winer by Kate Kalmykov What EB-5 Investors Need 10 Significant Risks Related to to Know about the CSPA EB-5 Disclosure Documents by Stephen Yale-Loehr Guidance Concerning Disclosure Obligations by Ronald Fieldstone 54 Website Guidelines for Concurrent Rule 506(c) and Reg S EB-5 Offerings How to establish a compliant regional center website 16 Kate’s Corner Recent Developments in Chinese Source of Funds RFEs by Dillon Colucci and Matthew Galati 20 EB-5 Financing for Hotel Development Hotel Industry Benchmarks for Determining Demand For New Hotels by Bruce Baltin and Catherine DeBono Holmes 24 Focusing on the Bigger Picture Advocacy and Multi-step Solutions for EB-5 Investors by Belma Demirovic Chinchoy 60 by Robert Ahrenholz and Mariza McKee Top 25 EB-5 Attorneys of 2015 EB5 Investors Magazine honors the leading attorneys in the EB-5 field Top 25 Immigration Attorneys Top Corporate and Securities Attorneys Top Specialty Attorneys 28 Using EB-5 Capital for Project Development A primer for developers new to EB-5 by Gregory Wing 82 EB-5 Focus on Latin America Examining a developing source of EB-5 investors 32 EB-5 for a Competitive Inner City A Q&A with Kim Zeuli of The Initiative for a Competitive Inner City by Courtney Creedon 85 Welcome International Developers to the EB-5 Project Marketplace An argument for inclusion by Milton Chacon by Victor Shum 38 Leverage the Power of Your Voice 88 The Growth of EB-5 in Vietnam to Build Your EB-5 Community A conversation with Chris Dao of USIS Practice pointers to develop your network by Mark Deal 90 Upcoming Events 94 Past Events 40 The Anatomy of an SEC Investigation Learn what triggers an SEC inquiry 100 Investors Repaid $122 Million by Jeff Ansley, Greg Kelminson and Karen-Lee Pollak by Courtney Creedon WWW.EB5INVESTORS.COM 3