EB5 Investors Magazine Volume 2 Issue 2 | Page 5

Vo l u m e 2 - N u m b e r 2 On the cover In this issue, we highlight current legislation affecting the EB-5 program. Go to page 50 to read about each piece of legislation, along with commentary from their sponsors. On page 56 you can read an article from Congressman Jared Polis about his involvement in the EB-5 program. 6 A Report on the Source of Funds: Perils of the Administrative Fee by Christian Triantaphyllis and Catharine Yen 10 ELIS for EB-5: Big Brother and Your EB-5 Petition A look at the effects of electronic processing by Soyini Coke 12 Guest Expenditure: A Revival? Considering the future of guest expenditure job creation by Julia Lin 14 Reconsidering Materiality An analysis of definitions and interpretations of material change in EB-5 petitions by Walter S. Gindin 18 What is an EB-5 Investment “At Risk?” A discussion of the “at risk” requirements of EB-5 investments by Mona Shah and Yi Song SPRING 2014 36 Practice Pointers The Business Lawyer Beyond Just Securities by Michael Homeier The EB-5 Attorney at the Crossroads of Law and Marketing by H. Ronald Klasko 40 From the Desk of an EB-5 Lawyer Updates from the first half of fiscal year 2014 by David Hirson 42 The Public-Private Prototype Highlighting the Vermont EB-5 Regional Center by Courtney Creedon 44 The Chinese Connection An interview with Linda He of Wailian Overseas Consulting Group by EB5 Investors Magazine 50 EB-5 Wins Advocates on Capital Hill 22 Advanced Direct Investment Structures Ending the myth of the direct investor owner/operator Legislation Proposes Bright Future for EB-5 56 Reforming and Strengthening the EB-5 Program by Nima Korpivaara 26 The Role of the SEC in EB-5 Why does the SEC have a place in EB-5? by Jor Law by Courtney Creedon by Congressman Jared Polis 62 Global Investment Immigration: It’s a Buyer’s Market An analysis of what drives immigrant investors’ decisions 28 Due Diligence and Dual Representation in EB-5 Cases Examining the challenges of representing by Rohit Kapuria regional centers and their investors by Brandon Meyer and Elizabeth Peng 65 Spotlight on the Shutdown Canada folds prominent immigrant 32 Kate’s Corner investor programs A Long Road to EB-5: by Courtney Creedon One Investor’s Journey by Kate Kalmykov and Dillon Colucci w w w. E B 5 I n v e s to r s . c o m 3