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1 potential for use as a money laundering tool . Some have gone as far as to call the system “ financial terrorism .” This has obscured the reality of the system ’ s practical and efficient uses . In some regions , hawala is the only method of transfer available and it would be inaccurate to label hawala brokers as financial terrorists . A World Bank report on hawala in Afghanistan praises the systems self-regulation and reported that over $ 200 million of transfers were made to Afghanistan from NGOs at the outset of the war with the Taliban , without which these organizations efforts would have been crippled . The U . S . Treasury has frequently stated hawala in itself is not illegal . In fact , without hawala there can be no EB-5 investors from Iran , or outward money transfers made for any purpose . The act of laundering money is not akin to the method or system of moving money ; it is the intent of the parties involved that makes it money laundering . For EB-5 purposes , practitioners should view hawala in the same light as a wire transfer . Clients should be advised to obtain details of the value of funds being transferred , the originating bank , recipient bank and the facilitators in between . Such documentation is accepted by USCIS as supporting evidence for the lawful source of funds and money trail .
“ Practitioners should stay abreast of current affairs in the Middle East so they can collect supporting articles for gaps in the money trail , should they exist .”
Political instability is rarely lonely and is almost always accompanied by financial instability . Currency fluctuations in these new beacons of democracy , as well as those being affected by sanctions , has resulted in a rise in demand for both dollars and gold in the Middle East . Iran has certainly felt the sting of sanctions over the past 24 months . Its currency , the rial , has seen a 75 % drop in value against the U . S . dollar . Consequently , many investors have sought to hedge against further losses by buying dollars and gold . With government crackdowns on “ dollar hoarders ,” most have resorted to storing large amounts of cash or gold in safe deposit boxes in their homes . This source of funds fiasco is a reality that EB-5 practitioners must face when dealing with Iranian investors . There are many news articles that document the economic instability in the region . Practitioners should stay abreast of current affairs in the Middle East so they can collect supporting articles for gaps in the money trail , should they exist . In the case of Iran , international news outlets have reported on the currency devaluation , government crackdown on hawala brokers and rush on the banks . As long as a reasonable legal nexus exists between the funds and the investor , then there exists a lawful source of funds .
The figure shows how hawala works : ( 1 ) A customer ( A , left-hand side ) approaches a hawala broker ( X ) in one city and gives a sum of money ( red arrow ) that is to be transferred to a recipient ( B , right-hand side ) in another , usually foreign , city . Along with the money , he usually specifies something like a password that will lead to the money being paid out ( blue arrows ). ( 2b ) The hawala broker X calls another hawala broker M in the recipient ’ s city , and informs M about the agreed password , or gives other disposition instructions of the funds . Then , the intended recipient ( B ), who also has been informed by A about the password ( 2a ), now approaches M and tells him the agreed password ( 3a ). If the password is correct , then M releases the transferred sum to B ( 3b ), usually minus a small commission . X now basically owes M the money that M had paid out to B ; thus M has to trust X ’ s promise to settle the debt at a later date .
By the nature of the program , EB-5 investors hail from countries with some sort of instability , whether economic , political or social . There are no “ easy ” EB-5s . The Arab Spring has turned the Middle East into a burgeoning new market for EB-5 stakeholders . Developing a channel for EB-5 investments from the Middle East will mitigate the inherent risk of relying on a single pool of investors . Growth opportunities for the EB-5 Program must come from responding to markets that show a demand for the EB-5 visa . Therefore , becoming familiar with the foreign export controls of the Middle East ( the hawala financial system , U . S . sanctions and OFAC regulations ) will ensure the success of EB-5 stakeholders as they respond to this growing demand and access the new market that is the Middle East .
Reza Rahbaran is the managing attorney at the Law Offices of Rahbaran & Associates . Reza ’ s main area of practice is business immigration under the EB-5 Program and the related U . S . trade sanctions . He has advised Regional Centers on developing new projects that qualify for EB-5 investments in multiple industries , including the creation of new Regional Centers and existing Regional Centers . He has implemented internal compliance practices for Regional Centers that address ongoing immigration and sanctions regulations . He also advises foreign nationals on immigration under the EB-5 Regional Center Program with particular focus on countries that fall under U . S . trade sanctions regulations and currency restrictions . Reza has been featured regularly on television networks as an EB-5 and U . S . sanctions expert and has written articles on the sanctions and the EB-5 Program , as well as serving on the D . C . Bar faculty .
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password that will lead to the money being paid out (blue arrows). (2b) The hawala broker X calls another hawala broker M in the recipient's city, and informs M about the agreed password, or gives other disposition instructions of the funds. Then, the intended recipient (B), who also has been informed by A about the pas ��ܙ �JK���\��X�\�H[�[�[HHYܙYY\���ܙ �JK�Y��H\���ܙ\��ܜ�X� [�H�[X\�\�H�[�ٙ\��Y�[H�� ؊K\�X[HZ[�\�H�X[��[Z\��[ۋ�����\�X�[H��\�HH[ۙ^H]HYZY�]���\�H\���\� ����Z\�Hœ�]HHX�]H]\�]K���������B��؂�B��B���[�X[�܈\�H\�H[ۙ^H][�\�[���� ���YH]�H�ۙH\™�\�\���[H�\�[H8�'�[�[��X[\��ܚ\�K��'H\�\�؜��\�Y�H�X[]HوH�\�[x�&\��X�X�[[�Y��X�Y[�\�\ˈ[���YB��Y�[ۜ�]�[H\�HۛHY]�و�[�ٙ\�]�Z[X�H[�]���[�H[�X��\�]H�X�[]�[H����\��\��[�[��X[\��ܚ\�ˈH�ܛ�[���\ܝۈ]�[H[�Y��[�\�[��Z\�\�B��\�[\��[�\�Y�[][ۈ[��\ܝY]ݙ\� � Z[[ۈق��[�ٙ\���\�HXYH�Y��[�\�[����H����]H�]�]ق�H�\��]H[X�[��]�]�X�\�Hܙ�[�^�][ۜ�Y��ܝ���[]�H�Y[�ܚ\Y �HK�ˈ�X\�\�H\���\]Y[�B��]Y]�[H[�]�[�\���[Y�[ �[��X� �]�]]�[H\�B��[��H��P�MH[��\�ܜ����H\�[�܈�]�\�[ۙ^H�[�ٙ\�›XYH�܈[�H\���K�HX�و][�\�[��[ۙ^H\���Z�[���HY]�܈�\�[Hو[ݚ[��[ۙ^N�]\�H[�[�ق�H\�Y\�[����Y]XZ�\�][ۙ^H][�\�[�ˈ�܈P�MB�\���\��X�][ۙ\����[�Y]�]�[H[�H�[YHY�\˜H�\�H�[�ٙ\���Y[����[�HY�\�Y�؝Z[�]Z[�وB��[YHو�[���Z[���[�ٙ\��Y HܚY�[�][���[���X�\Y[���[��[�H�X�[]]ܜ�[��]�Y[���X���[Y[�][ۈ\˜X��\Y�HT��T�\��\ܝ[��]�Y[��H�܈H]ٝ[��\��B�و�[��[�[ۙ^H�Z[ ����'�X�][ۙ\����[�^HX��X\�ق��\��[�Y��Z\��[�HZYHX\���^B��[���X��\ܝ[��\�X�\��܈�\š[�H[ۙ^H�Z[ ��[^H^\� ��'B��]X�[[��X�[]H\��\�[Hۙ[H[�\�[[��[�^\�X���\[�YY�H�[�[��X[[��X�[]K��\��[��H�X�X][ۜ�[��\�H�]��XX�ۜ�و[[�ܘX�K\��[\���H�Z[��Y��X�Y��H�[��[ۜ�\��\�[Y[�H�\�H[�[X[��܈���\�˜[���[�HZYHX\� �\�[�\��\�Z[�H�[H�[��ق��[��[ۜ�ݙ\�H\� �[۝ˈ]��\��[��KH�X[ \œ�Y[�H �IH��[��[YHY�Z[��HK�ˈ�\���ۜ�\]Y[�K�X[�H[��\�ܜ�]�H��Y��Y�HY�Z[���\�\����\��B��^Z[���\��[��� ��]�ݙ\��Y[�ܘX���ۜ�ۈ8�'�\��\�\��8�'H[��]�H�\�ܝY��ܚ[��\��H[[�[��ق��\�܈��[��Y�H\��]��\�[�Z\��Y\ˈ\���\��Hق��[���X\���\�H�X[]H]P�MH�X�][ۙ\��]\��X�H�[��X[[���]\�[�X[�[��\�ܜˈ\�H\�HX[�H�]��\�X�\�]���[Y[�HX�ۛ�ZX�[��X�[]H[�H�Y�[ۋ��X�][ۙ\�œ��[�^HX��X\�و�\��[�Y��Z\��[�HZYHX\���^B��[���X��\ܝ[��\�X�\��܈�\�[�H[ۙ^H�Z[ ��[�^H^\� �[�H�\�Hو\�[�[�\��][ۘ[�]���]]�]�B��\ܝYۈH�\��[��H]�[X][ۋ�ݙ\��Y[�ܘX���ۂ�ۈ]�[H����\��[��\�ۈH�[��ˈ\�ۙ�\�H�X\�ۘX�HY�[�^\�^\���]�Y[�H�[��[�H[��\�܋[��\�H^\��H]ٝ[��\��Hو�[�˂��B�����B��H�Y�\�H������]�[H�ܚ�Έ JHH�\��Y\� KY� Z[��YJB�\��X�\�H]�[H����\�  H[�ۙH�]H[��]�\�H�[Hو[ۙ^B��Y\����H]\���H�[�ٙ\��Y�H�X�\Y[� ��Y� Z[��YJH[��[��\�\�X[H�ܙZYۋ�]K�[ۙ��]H[ۙ^KH\�X[H�X�Y�Y\œ��Y][��Z�HH\���ܙ]�[XY�H[ۙ^H�Z[��ZY�]��YH\�����K� ��HH]�[H����\��[�[��\�]�[H����\��H[�H�X�\Y[�8�&\��]K[�[��ܛ\�HX��]HYܙYY\���ܙ ܂��]�\��\�\���][ۈ[���X�[ۜ�وH�[�ˈ[�H[�[�Y��X�\Y[� �K��[��\��Y[�[��ܛYY�HHX��]H\���ܙ� �JK���\��X�\�H[�[�[HHYܙYY\���ܙ �JK�Y�B�\���ܙ\��ܜ�X� [�H�[X\�\�H�[�ٙ\��Y�[H�� ؊K\�X[HZ[�\�H�X[��[Z\��[ۋ�����\�X�[H��\�HH[ۙ^H]�HYZY�]���\�H\���\�8�&\���Z\�H��]HHX��]H]\�]K����HH�]\�HوH��ܘ[KP�MH[��\�ܜ�Z[���H��[��Y\��]��YH�ܝو[��X�[]K�]\�X�ۛ�ZX��]X�[�܈���X[ �\�H\�H��8�'X\�x�'HP�M\ˈH\�X���[��\�\��Y�HZYHX\�[��H�\��[ۚ[���]�X\��]�܈P�MH�Z�Z�\�ˈ]�[�[��H�[��[�܈P�MH[��\�Y[�����HB�ZYHX\��[Z]Y�]HH[�\�[��\��و�[Z[��ۈH�[��B���و[��\�ܜˈܛ���ܝ[�]Y\��܈HP�MH��ܘ[B�]\���YH���H�\�ۙ[���X\��]�]���H[X[��܂�HP�MH�\�K�\�Y�ܙK�X��Z[���[Z[X\��]H�ܙZYۂ�^ܝ�۝���وHZYHX\� H]�[H�[�[��X[�\�[K�K�ˈ�[��[ۜ�[�ѐP��Y�[][ۜ�H�[[��\�HH�X��\��ق�P�MH�Z�Z�\��\�^H�\�ۙ�\�ܛ��[��[X[�[��X��\��H�]�X\��]]\�HZYHX\� ���^�H�Z�\�[�\�HX[�Y�[��]ܛ�^H]H]�ٙ�X�\�و�Z�\�[� ��\����X]\ˈ�^�x�&\�XZ[�\�XHو�X�X�H\��\�[�\��[[ZYܘ][ۈ[�\�B�P�MH��ܘ[H[�H�[]YK�ˈ�YH�[��[ۜˈH\�Y�\�Y�Y�[ۘ[��[�\��ۈ]�[�[���]��ڙX��]]X[Y�H�܈P�MH[��\�Y[��[��][\H[�\��Y\�[��Y[��HܙX][ۈو�]��Y�[ۘ[�[�\��[�^\�[���Y�[ۘ[�[�\�ˈH\�[\[Y[�Y[�\��[��\X[��H�X�X�\��܂��Y�[ۘ[�[�\��]Y�\��ۙ��[��[[ZYܘ][ۈ[��[��[ۜ��Y�[][ۜ˂�H[��Y�\�\��ܙZYۈ�][ۘ[�ۈ[[ZYܘ][ۈ[�\�HP�MH�Y�[ۘ[��[�\���ܘ[H�]\�X�[\����\�ۈ��[��Y\�]�[[�\�K�˂��YH�[��[ۜ��Y�[][ۜ�[��\��[��H�\��X�[ۜˈ�^�H\��Y[��X]\�Y��Y�[\�Hۈ[]�\�[ۈ�]�ܚ��\�[�P�MH[�K�ˈ�[��[ۜ�^\�[�\ܚ][�\�X�\�ۈH�[��[ۜ�[�HP�MH��ܘ[K\��[\��\��[��ۂ�H �ˈ�\��X�[K�����ˈH� HH��H���� ���B���B��