EB5 Investors Magazine "Top 25 issue" Volume 9 Issue 1 | Page 101

relationship manager for Techcombank in Ho Chi Minh City . It was here working with her clients that she learned about their aspirations for their families to go to the U . S . and other developed countries .
“ They shared their stories about how they would like for their children to have a better future in developed countries ,” she says . “ Some have already started their immigration process , so I became curious about the industry .”
She joined ImmiCa Immigration Investment in 2015 , a company that specializes in immigrant investment programs , and worked there for more than five years taking on positions of increased responsibilities . She then joined a company in the U . S . that has a global real estate crowd-funding platform for a year and a half . Through her contacts and experience and with the trust of her clients , she formed Citizen Pathway Investment in November 2021 .
" I have helped over 400 EB-5 investors to get their green cards and their money back "
Hoang says she loves servicing her clients and getting to know them and their families . When the investment ends successfully for her clients , she ’ s often invited to their celebrations .
“ I have helped over 400 EB-5 investors to get their green cards and their money back ,” she says . “ In August , I ’ m attending a celebration party for one of my clients when they get their money back . The reason why I love being a service provider and consultant is because I see how meaningful investment services are . I work with wealthy people , entrepreneurs who are already successful . They see opportunities to expand their businesses and bring their families to a new country to ensure their future . They bring their business talent to the U . S . and in return they receive a passport that can help them with expanding their business .”
“ Mostly we offer regional programs ,” Hoang says . “ Last year , regional programs didn ’ t work so we also offered direct EB-5 programs .”
For regional centers , Hoang says she found that it is best to work with just a few skilled companies .
“ We are working with one of the most experienced regional centers in the US : CanAm , EB5 United , and with Behring Co .,” she says . “ We ’ ve been introduced to 10 projects already . We spend a lot of time on maintaining good relations with the project and regional center .”
In addition to standard immigration investment services ,
Hoang also provides settlement options for her clients . Most are in California but people are also moving to Texas and South Florida , so her company is expanding these services . To do this , Citizen Pathway works with real estate companies and others to secure proper homes for her clients .
“ We have two business partners in California , and they are working in American- Vietnamese communities , so they are there to support our clients when they land in the U . S . We also provide tax advisors to explain how the U . S . tax system works ,” she says . It ’ s really helpful for our clients and we work hard to show them how to protect their assets .”
She continues , “ We take care of them from the airport , we provide rental housing and find schools within one month