EB5 Investors Magazine "Top 25 Awards Edition" Volume 8 Issue 1 - Page 100

The Role of a Broker-dealer in the new Regulatory Environment The rigorous due diligence process of broker-dealers can help EB-5 investors mitigate the risk of an EB-5 investment, especially when it comes to the redeployment strategy. By Marko Issever M any others have already writ ten about the i m p o r t a n c e of u si n g a b r o ke r - d e al e r i n E B - 5 of ferings. 1 Broker- dealers are more than migration agents who mostly introduce investors to issuers. 2 In major EB-5 markets such as Vietnam, India, South Korea, Brazil, Russia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, EB-5 investors are highly e ducate d and appreciate the dif fe re nce between unlicensed and unregulated migration agents versus broker-dealers who are licensed and regulated by the SEC and FINR A. 3 4 These investors realize that 100 EB5 INVESTORS MAGAZINE they can make their initial investment decisions, on a fully informed basis, by working with broker- dealers. They know that broker-dealers are required to provide transparency, and make sure that the investment is suitable for their clients. 6 There is a strong possibility that the Biden administration will clear the backlog for all retrogressed applicants. Fo r E B - 5 , this c o uld m ean tha t many C hin ese an d Vietnamese applicants might be get ting their green cards much sooner than expected. In that case, if we see