EB5 Investors Magazine (English Edition) Volume 5, Issue 1 - Page 19

saved funds, Hu still had to raise $500,000, which included borrowing funds from friends and relatives. At the beginning of 2013, with hopeful spirits, Hu and his wife filed their investment immigration application. Both believed that big city projects were relatively dependable so they selected a project in Manhattan, New York managed by the US Immigration Fund Regional Center to invest their funds. One year later, their I-526 was approved while their daughter was approaching her second birthday. To prepare for their new life, the family traveled to the United States twice before receiving their conditional green cards. They passed through ten key cities in America, hoping to find the best location to set up a home. Ultimately, they chose Seattle, located in the state of Washington on America’s west coast. Hu liked Seattle’s climate, its economic development and the lower price of real estate. He found the city perfectly suited for young couples like themselves. In April of last year, Hu purchased a house in Seattle with a yard to give his daughter a place where they could thrive and watch the stars at night. CREATING A BUSINESS PLAN To support his family, Hu thinks he has to restart his career from the beginning when he immigrates to the United States. While waiting for his permanent green card, he keep traveling back and forth to Beijing to work. He considers this temporary arrangement worthwhile for the sake of his family. Hu is grateful for the EB-5 Investment Immigrant Program. From age 32 to 36, he researched online every day about the program. He also checked the USCIS website regularly to learn the progress of his application. And after having waited 4 years, he hopes to get his permanent green card in 2 years. “Even though there might be challenges ahead, we are determined to adjust to our new life and work in the United States,” he said. EB5INVESTORS.COM 18