EB5 Investors Magazine (English Edition) Volume 5, Issue 1 - Page 15

programs in the United States. He was also involved in many club activities, sports competitions and had an active social life. He liked the free atmosphere, open- mindedness and diversity of the American university. He met new friends who also held a passion for entrepreneurship and formed a team to participate in Environmental Innovation Challenge. His team designed a simple device to monitor and control water usage with a mobile app. This product won third place among 23 teams and received an award of $2,500. This achievement was a great encouragement for Wu’s interest in inventing new technology. was not simple. He spent close to a year gathering the required materials and then invested $500,000 into a CMB Regional Center project for expanding a Los Angeles office building. "He attended one of the top tier high schools where he ranked among the top 100 of his class." STARTING HIS INVESTOR IMMIGRATION JOURNEY In order to easier apply for graduate school and to be able to work in the United States in the future, Wu began preparing for his EB-5 application in 2014. He discovered there were many documents that EB-5 Investor Immigrants needed and also that the process for transferring capital from China to the United States Wu compared the whole process of applying for a EB-5 investor’s visa to taking a high-level class without official credit. In February of this year, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services approved Wu’s I-526. When he first started the process, he thought he would have his conditional green card by this year. Due to the quota of visas granted to immigrant investors and retrogression, he might need to wait another two years. Despite the unexpected delay in applying to be an immigrant investor, Wu has not changed his mind to stay in the United States. His current university research could be used in the design of chips that go into medical devices and he anticipates to complete his doctoral degree by 2020. When his green card is approved, he will be able to freely choose to start his own company or work in the industry to gain more experience. EB5INVESTORS.COM 14