EB5 Investors Magazine (English Edition) Volume 5, Issue 1 - Page 118

opportunities for the dynamic Vietnamese foreign investor market." Vietnam now marks the second largest market after China when it comes to immigrant investor families applying for EB-5 visas. The trend is also fueled by the emerging Vietnamese wealthy class, which is projecting Vietnam to see a nearly 170 percent growth of ultra-high net worth individuals over the next 10 years, according to the Knight Frank Wealth Report. Hirson & Partners in California, agreed. “EB5 Investors Magazine has continuously served as an educational voice for the EB-5 industry,” he said. “EB5 Investors was able to bring the top migration agents and service providers together for a two-day conference. The community developed over the two days provided an opportunity for service providers to understand the culture and investment interests of Vietnamese nationals.” "...It was organized, well- run and very professional..." The innovative delegation, which featured two dozen speakers and more than 300 migration agents, brought cutting-edge investment immigration education and cross- cultural relationship-building to key EB-5 stakeholders. It allowed industry professionals to learn directly from leading developers and service providers. “The EB5 Investors Magazine conference in Vietnam was tremendous,” said Paul Levinsohn, co-founder and managing principal of the New York City Regional Center, who shared his insight as a speaker during the event.” It was organized, well-run and very professional. The schedule and flow of the conference gave regional centers, immigration agents and attorneys plenty of time to interact.  It was a valuable experience for the New York City Regional Center and we look forward to participating in many more future conferences around the world.” Event sponsor Nima Korpivaara, a partner with David 117 EB5 INVESTORS M AGAZINE Migration agent Cam Ly Duong said the event offered a good opportunity for regional centers to meet potential business partners in Vietnam. “I personally see EB5 Investors Magazine as one of my reliable partners in this industry, as an honest friend who have helped me get an insight on the issues related to EB- 5, as well as having the most objective assessment on the potential partners and projects,” she said. Manuel Ortiz, head of EB5 Sales and Investor Relation s at Civitas Capital Group, also enjoyed the event. “I found the event in Vietnam to be very productive and informational,” he said. “The conference provided the platform to network with top industry leaders and learn from the very informative panels. It was an invaluable experience.” The next opportunity coming up is at the 2017 San Francisco EB-5 & Investment Immigration Convention at Westin St. Francis in San Francisco, California, on July 27-28.