EB5 Investors Magazine (English Edition) Volume 5, Issue 1 | Page 103

another country or having second citizenship is by no means illegal in most of these markets. However, Russian citizens, for example, are obligated to report about the presence of second citizenship or long- term residence in another jurisdiction. Many Russians are hesitant to do so due to fears as to how this information might be kept confidential and how it could possibly be used against them in the future. of the world, however, often causes challenges in handling issues involving source of funds. However, this issue is not at all specific to this region as this has been a problem that precluded their participation in the EB-5 program on only rare occasions with investors from the region. In fact, difficulties regarding the path of funds and other issues tend to be more prevalent. Related to this, potential EB-5 investors are still careful to avoid open discussions of their intentions to possibly apply for any type of residency in the U.S. Parties are even discreet about using t