East Texas Quarterly Magazine Summer 2015 - Page 9

Texas A&M AgriLife programs for summer 2015 Kids summer camps & 4-H fun “People think 4-H is all cows, plows and sows,” says FCS agent Cindy VanDevender. “But the programs have evolved.” While livestock projects are still a big part of 4-H, it covers everything from robotics to food and fashion, leadership training and building character. 4-H experience can also lead to scholarships. Grandparents who grew up in a different era might be surprised to learn that girls excel at ag mechanics, and boys often participate in Fashion Contest. Consumer Decision Making is a big part of that contest, and can involve comparative shopping, learning about fiber content, and care of various fabrics, something every college-bound kid should know. Kirbyville High School. 4-H members bring friends to mingle and find out more about what is planned for the coming school year. Admission price is easy: donate any school supplies you can spare to help others. THE 4-H PLEDGE. I pledge: my HEAD to clearer thinking, my HEART to greater loyalty, my HANDS to larger service, my HEALTH to better living, for my club, my community, my country and my world. New to Jasper County, Ag Agent Brock Fry has timely seminars and workshops for adults all year. Coming up soon, he’ll offer a Deer Management Program in Buna August 18 starting at 6 pm. The annual Hay Show is Sept. 22 in Kirbyville starting at 5:30. Fry says it’s not just about hearing top notch experts from Texas A&M as speakers, it’s also a contest where competition gets fierce. After all, we’re talking about bragging rights for a year. For questions about these programs, call 409-384-3721 or check the events calendar on the website: http://jasper. agrilife.org This year, the Texas A&M AgriLife offices in Jasper will offer two summer camps for 9 to 13 year olds (check with other county AgriLife offices to see what they are doing): Photography 101, August 4 – 7, 9 am to noon at the Jasper County Extension Office. Focus on photography, learn how to use and care for a camera, explore lighting and composition, and practice taking photos. Sewing 101, August 11-14, 9 am to noon at Call Junction Baptist Church near Kirbyville. Learn how to use and care for a sewing machine, explore new project ideas and make a pillow case. Wrapping up the summer, the Jasper County 4-H Council will hold an Awareness Dance August 20, 7 to 11 pm at 7