East Texas Quarterly Magazine Summer 2015 - Page 18

August is...fun food and back to school, okay...mostly It seems like every day is a new national something day. It’s meant to bring awareness to a cause or issue like February 14th is National Organ Donor’s Day, October 5th is National Do Something Nice Day, and June 6th is National Higher Education Day. Many of these special days deal with the humorous side of life. For example, May 4th is National Star Wars Day, June 8th is National Upsy Daisy Day, and September 8th is National Ants on a Log Day. But many of these special days center around food and the Month of August is no exception. To celebrate this month you better have two things…an appetite and a large pocketbook. Let’s just take the days in order and you can be the judge…the first Saturday in August is National Mustard Day, the 2nd is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, the 3rd is National Watermelon Day and Grab some Nuts Day. The 4th is National Chocolate Chip Day, August 5th is National Oyster Day, the 6th is National Root Beer Float Day and the 7th is National Raspberries in Cream Day. Are you starting to get the picture? This is still the first week of the month. The second week starts off with the 8th and National Zucchini Day, and Frozen Custard Day, the 9th is National Rice Pudding Day. The 10th is National S’mores Day, then the 11th is National Raspberry Tart Day, the 12th is Julienne Fries Day, the 13th is National Filet Mignon Day and, finally for the week’s end, is the 14th and National Creamsicle Day. I am full already!!! The third week starts off on the 15th with National Lemon Meringue Pie Day, the 16th is National Bratwurst Day and while not food , you might want to know that day is also National Rum Day. The 17th brings more sweets with National Vanilla Custard Day and the 18th is National Ice Cream Pie Day. The 19th is National Soft Ice Cream Day. The 20th is National Lemonade Day and Chocolate Pecan 16 East Texas Quarterly Magazine Pie Day. The 21st is National Pecan Torte Day, and finally to end the week, National Eat a Peach Day on the 22nd. The next week begins on the 23rd and National Sponge Cake Day, the 24th is National Peach Pie Day. The 25th is National Banana Split Day, and the 26th is National Cherry Popsicle Day. For an international flair, the 27th is National Pots de Crème Day, and then the 28th is Na [ۘ[