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M E S S AG E F R O M T H E H OA B OA R D Annual Meeting The Annual Meeting on March 10th did not achieve the required quorum to conduct the meeting. A required quorum of 182 was needed. Proxies plus attendees equated to 78. The Annual meeting has been rescheduled to May 12th. other entities within Eaglebrooke wish to amend Declarations, they must follow the steps outlined in the Eaglebrooke Community Association Amendment Workshop Presentation posted on the website at Eaglebrooke.net. One objective of the meeting was to achieve the quorum so we could act on the movement of cash from the Bad Debt reserve to the General Cash account. HOA MEETING Following the Annual Meeting, the HOA Board met to vote on board positions for the coming year. Lithea Beck-President Bob Rodriguez-VP Brian Ahearn-Treasurer Pete Savastano-Secretary Paul Weaver-Director A second objective was to act on the petition by the residents of The Preserve to amend their Declaration of Covenants with regard to storage of basketball hoops. The amendment was approved by an affirmative vote of 82 for with 4 against. An affirmative vote of 81 was needed to pass the amendment change. The amended regulations read: Portable basketball hoops may be used on the owner’s property. Hoops must not be used on or block common areas, sidewalks, or streets. Visible hoops must be mechanically sound, clean, and well maintained. Owners may not permit visible hoops to become an unsafe or unsightly nuisance and the Board in its sole judgement may require the removal of such hoops. Residents of The Preserve should note that the change takes effect upon filing of the change with Polk County. They will be advised when that occurs. Basketball hoop regulations for the balance of the Eaglebrooke community remain as written. If The next HOA regular meeting will take place on April 14th at 6:30PM at the Eaglebrooke clubhouse. Topics for discussion include assistance in funding CDD projects and HOA objectives for 2020. Projects under consideration include total renovation of the fountain at the entrance; purchase of an LED signboard to professionally present community news and events; and a comprehensive redo of the landscaping at the front entrance. Residents are urged to attend the meeting and give their input on these important issues. Thank you, Joanna Likar APRIL eaglebrooke newsletter 15