Eaglebrooke Newsletter April 2020 P1_EGL83175 April Newsletter - Page 11

MESSAGE FROM THE MGA March was poised to be a busy month for the MGA and the club. Scheduled events include the opening round of the newly formatted MGA Match Play Tournament, and having the Club Senior Championship, results of which will be in the tournament section of the newsletter. April is scheduled to be an open month for the MGA, since the Super-Senior Club Championship and expected (now cancelled) Masters Tournament were on the traditional MGA tournament weekends. Breakout of the Covid-19 Virus certainly impacted players and the club during March, and figures to do so for the foreseeable future. Things we can do as members is look for opportunities to support the club where possible, like dining in small groups and ordering takeout meals to keep the kitchen going, as well as supporting the golf operations by playing and purchasing required golf equipment and supplies. We’re all operating in unchartered waters with this situation, hopefully with all of us working together we can all emerge safely and stronger from having gone through it. Dave Conway, President Tony Longa, Vice President Steve Beck, Treasurer Eric Cousins, Secretary Smith Patterson, Tournament Chairman Matt McDonald, Handicap Chairman APRIL eaglebrooke newsletter 11