Eaglebrooke December 20 Newsletter | Page 9

Flexibility and Rotation !
Do you want to have a more functional swing , better balance or more consistent ball striking ? Maybe , even more POWER ?! It ’ s not about how much weight you can lift , pull , push or throw . Yes , those things can help but most importantly it ’ s the ability to rotate the body and stay in posture the helps create a faster and more consistent swing . Your flexibility will determine how much you can rotate . If you would like the ability to rotate more then you need to start stretching ! I ’ m not talking about just touching your toes or the ability to do a back bend . I am referring to rotational stretching ! You will need to increase your ability to separate your shoulders from your hips . There are many golf stretching videos on the internet that you can look at . If you don ’ t want to look on the internet , stop by the pro shop or contact me . I will be able to run you through a flexibility test and give you certain exercises and stretches to start with . I ’ m looking forward to helping everyone that is seeking help .
I would like to say thank you to everyone that participated in the Toys for Tots tournament and to everyone that donated toys . This year looked to be one of the biggest donations that I have seen since I have been at Eaglebrooke ! I can ’ t wait to see what happens next year .
Have a great December ,

Cody Creel

Assistant Golf Professional
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