Eaglebrooke December 20 Newsletter | Page 18

Happy Holidays Eaglebrooke Residents ,
18 eaglebrooke newsletter DECEMBER
Office Hours : I am onsite Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00AM – 1:00PM .
Just a reminder to all residents , there will be no more Board Meetings this year unless it is pertinent to have one . Our next Board Meeting will take place January 12,2021 at 6:30PM at the Clubhouse . If you are interested in running for the HOA Board or Directors , please contact JoAnna Likar at Manager @ eaglebrooke . net .
We are looking for residents who would like to volunteer on the Architectural Committee . The Architectural Committee review application for exterior modifications on homes within Eaglebrooke . If you are interested , please contact JoAnna Likar at Manager @ Eaglebrooke . net .
We are looking for candidates that are willing to serve on the Nominating Committee to help recruit member of the Community to serve on the Board of Directors . If you are interested on being on the Committee or the Board , please contact JoAnna Likar at Manager @ Eaglebrooke . net .
Barcodes : If you need a barcode , please go onto Eaglebrooke . net and fill out a barcode request form . Once you have completed the barcode form you will also pay online . We will no longer be handling barcodes at the office and exchanging cash . Once I have your barcode ready , I will contact you with a time you can pick up the barcode from the clubhouse . Trash / Lawn debris and miscellaneous items : Lawn debris needs to be taken by your lawn company or placed out of view of the street or neighboring properties . Lawn debris and trash may only be placed out on Thursday night . When you place these items out , please make sure to not block the sidewalk as residents walk and bike along these areas . Please make sure that you are not storing large items outside your home unless you have called for pickup . If you have called the county for pickup , please email Manager @ eaglebrooke . net . Trash cans and lawn debris should not be placed out until Thursday night . Pets : Pets must be on a leash when outside the home . Polk County Leash Law , Section 14-22 states , “ a dog at large is one who is off premises of its owner or custodian and who is not under the direct control by means of a leash , fence , chain or cord of sufficient strength .” Also , on page 36 , Section 4 , Animals and Pets of the Covenants , it states , “ dogs shall at all times , whenever they are outside a Lot , must be confined on a leash held by a responsible person .” Therefore , your Pet must always be on a leash . An electronic fence does not mean your Pet may be left outside unattended . Please also be courteous of your neighbors and pick up any feces that may have been left on other ’ s lawns and / or common areas . Portal for HOA / Emails to Community : We will be emailing all homeowners who are activated on our portal or have provided us their email . If you have not , please email to Manager at Manager @ Eaglebrooke . net to be put on our email list . Lighting : If there is a street light out , please report this by emailing Manager @ eaglebrooke . net . Please have the streetlight number when you report this and the address this pole is located at . Architectural Request : Any exterior modification does require Architectural approval ( even if you are painting your home the same color . You can find request forms online at Eaglebrooke . net . Sidewalks : If you see a sidewalk that you believe is uneven and needs to be repaired , please email Manager @ Eaglebrooke . net with the address of the sidewalk .

Joanna Likar