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Golf Association

It ’ s hard to believe it ’ s December already ! We ’ ve been through a lot this year and have had to make changes and accommodations due to COVID-19 . The board of the MGA appreciates the flexibility of our members in adapting to the changes in our tournament schedule . Fortunately , we ’ ve been able to play the bulk of the MGA schedule in 2020 and the board , led by Tournament Chairman Smith Patterson , are working with Ryan Roberts and John Greiner to offer a great slate of play during 2021 .
We had outstanding participation in the MGA “ Monster Bash ” on Halloween , and what more can be said about the outpouring of support for the Toys for Tots tournament on November 7th . We can all take a great deal of pride in the contributions the club membership and other participants made to this outstanding program !
So , let ’ s finish 2020 on a high note ... the board hopes to see you all at the MGA “ Blowout ” on December 5th , and again for the Member-Member on the 12th and 13th .
Best wishes to all for a Merry Christmas , and a great , COVID-19 free ( at some point in time ) 2021 !
Dave Conway , President Tony Longa , Vice President Steve Beck , Treasurer Eric Cousins , Secretary Smith Patterson , Tournament Chairman Matt McDonald , Handicap Chairman
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