Eaglebrooke December 20 Newsletter | Page 14

During the month of November , we completed the pre-emergent application for Poa Annua control as well as the first Pigment application on tee boxes and fairways . We will continue to Pigment the Tees and Fairways through February . We planted Mexican Petunia ’ s around the tee signs and roundabouts throughout the course . Our weekly verticutting of the greens has come to an end with the cooler weather moving in . The weekly topdressing on of the greens each Monday will continue through the Winter months . Please note – black sand will be used to topdress the greens during the cooler weather months to help attract warmth to our putting surfaces .
In the coming weeks , we will begin trimming low hanging limbs throughout the golf course grounds . We will also be addressing the cart path pad up around the 100-yard marker on hole # 18 .
As of recently , I have been made aware of concerns with the playability of the rough . After a very rainy September and October along with our bulk fertilizations , we are aware that the rough is very thick . Please know that we anticipate the playability to become much easier as we move into the cooler weather months .

Juan Perez

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