E9 Shopping on Top Notch E-store | Page 4

Item panel
Each item will display an image , manufacturer , item number and brief description of the item . If you are logged into the e-store you will see your pricing and have the ability to add the item to your cart .
To add an item to your cart , enter the quantity desired and click the “ add to cart ” button , you will see the number next to the cart icon in the header update to indicate the item has been added to your cart . Clicking on the cart icon will slide out the cart so you can see the item has been added .
Clicking on the image or the details link will take you to the detailed product description of that item .
Clicking on View Inventory will pop-up a new window displaying the quantity in inventory for each warehouse .
Search Criteria
Once you have begun a search you will see the search criteria in the left , will populate additional criteria , such as series , finish and handing that are available within your results , next to each criteria item will display the number of matches . Clicking on an item will further refine the criteria in the left panel and update the search results .