E8 Using the Customer Estimate Tool | Page 3

Using the Customer Estimate Tool

3 . Input your client ’ s name as you would like it to appear on the printout . The entire quote can be marked down from list ( Global Markdown ) or up from your cost ( Global Markup ) using the boxes provided . When these values are changed , all quote items will reflect the change . Each item can manually be changed using the input boxes provided if a greater markup or discount is required . When you are finished making changes , click the “ Submit Estimate ” button .
4 . The estimate will now appear as a PDF in a new window ( if you have a pop-up blocker enabled , you will need to allow pop-ups for topnotchinc . com ). You can then print the PDF using your PDF viewer ’ s print button .
5 . The document will be saved in Estimates for 30 days . All prices are subject to change .