E-portfolio Sofia's Dimitriou - Page 9

Wednesday 2/10 Thursday 3/10 friday 4-10 saturday 5/10 sunday 6/10 monday 7/10 tuesday 8/10 wednesday 9/10 thursday 10/10 friday 11/10 saturday 12/10 Sunday 13/10 monday safety rules and transportation.Dinner with people from the hosting organization. 10:00 Morning -Participation to a public presentation and show in Mondavio about volunteering and folklore 15:00 Afternoon : culture visit to Gabicce Monte and Gradara Castle. 20:00 Dinner at Maria’s Barberini house ( Banca del Tempo). Traditional music with violin and armonian. Morning - - activities with senior volunteers in caring for elders; Lunch in Santa Colomba 17:00 –Afternoon : meeting at room Sala Circoscrizione 5 Torri of Pesaro. Greetings from the president of circoscrizione . Local Show from the Group banca del Tempo of Pantano with renaissance dances . Possible other dance : la pizzica. Dinner – buffet offered by “ banca del tempo” with musical entertainment All the Italian partners on mobility to Greece are invited. 10:00 Morning - CNA organize a visit to the natural park of Pesaro named San Bartolo. Afternoon : free time 20 : 00 dinner at Gradara, Ostaria del Castello. 10.30 Morning : visit to the ceramic museum in Pesaro; visit to the flower festivity in Pesaro; 17:00 Afternoon : Musiculture in Urbino – Theatre Raffaello 10:30 Morning – common activity in managing vegetable gardens. 16:00 Afternoon –guided visit to the city of Pesaro. Transfer to Senigallia apartments – Albergo Bice 15:00 Afternoon – meeting with Bruna at the Albergo Bice. Distribution of the map of the city , transport hours ( buses) . Introduction to the territory, safety rules . 9:00 Morning : guided visit to the historical sites of the city with Konstantin Fiorani. Meeting point - Albergo Bice 15:00 Afternoon : Meeting the volunteers group – Civil protection of Senigallia. Workshop from Bruna : Introduction to volunteering work – forecasting and prevention – emergency plan and intervention plan 19:00 Dinner organized by “ I Falchi della Rovere”. Morning free; 14:30 Afternoon : Workshop – The Misa river in Senigallia - risks and prevention . Participation of Piero Minardi and one expert from the public office of the province of Ancona ( planner Bittoni). The local visit is done with cars. Drivers Bruna , Elmo . 9:00 Morning : visit to Corinaldo with the guide of Piero Minardi (transport by cars) 19:00 Afternoon : H 19.00 Emergency intervention ( simulation of emergency with the the intervention of Civil protection , Red cross and fire fighters) Simulation of emergency situation in the school IT “Corinaldesi” 9:30 All day : After calamity – replacing normal conditions - Belvedere di Fabriano ) Transport : mini van for 9 people from the Municipality of Senigallia; driver Rolando from the civil protection. Lunch box ( sandwiches) Fee time – Visit to Mondavio and San Michele al Fiume. Lunch in the country side ( Elmo’s house) 10:00 Morning : workshop with the coast guard – services provided 14:00 Afternoon : Visits to Monte Conero, sustainability, fire protection. Presentation from expert of the Marche Region. Morning free; 14:00 Afternoon : risks and prevention of other rivers in Senigallia (fiume Cesano, fosso delle cone, fosso Della Giustizia, fosso del Trocco, fosso di Sant’Angelo) 20:00 Dinner offered by Bruna and Romano 15/10 wednesday Transfer to Sant’ Angelo in Vado appartments. 15:00 Meeting seniors associations, introduction to the territory, safety rules and transportation. 14/10 tuesday