E-portfolio Sofia's Dimitriou - Page 7

Six Italian from Training2000 in Greece 3 weeks with common actions in Greece-24/8-13/9 «Seniors as volunteers in communities (SAVIC)» is European project under GrundtvigSenior which OIKOPOLIS is responsible for the period 1.1.2013-30.8.2015. This project takes place in cooperation with the Italian organization Training 2000. SAVIC is aiming at international communication, giving to adults the opportunity to participate in and be an important part of their local community through volunteering. From August 24th until September 13th - for 21 sequent days – 6 Italians visited Greece and participated in projects organized from OIKOPOLIS members for them. During the 1st week they stayed at Akrata (Ahaia region) and visited lake Tsivlou, participating in outdoor activities organized in collaboration with the local Environmental education center. They helped in harvesting Corinthian raisins at Kalamias village with great enthusiasm. This gave them the chance to come in touch with locals and learn about their cultivation methods. Furthermore, they participated in in a panel with experts on problems such as Corinthians's erosion. They visited a local winery and talked with more locals about Mediterranean diet while cooking together Italian and Greek recipes.